Faculty of Computer Sciences

MD "Specialized computer systems"

Master’s Program “Computer Science and Engineering”

Educational Field   0501 “Computer Science and Engineering”

Qualification Granted

Master Degree in Specialty 8.05010301 “Software Provision of Systems”

Qualification Level


Special Requirements for Admission

Higher Education (Bachelor’s degree or Specialist diploma issued by a university with accreditation levels III or IV) in the educational field 0501 “Computer Science and Engineering”.

Special Regulations for Recognition of Prior Education (formal, informal, or non-certificate)


Program Profile

This 2.5-year Master program specializes in training computer system analysts. This choice is based on the evidence that highly-skilled computer system analysts can better adapt to the changing job market. They are easier to change their research topics according to the world science priorities. They have great opportunities to be involved in international projects on fundamental problems of computer science.

The educational and vocational Master Program for the specialty #8.05010301 – Software of Systems – requires mastering the two sets of subjects: normative and optional.

The normative set includes professionally-oriented disciplines determined by the educational and vocational Master Program for the Software of Systems specialty, the Ukrainian and the English language, and philosophy (a course within humanitarian training).

Optional disciplines include:

а) a series of professionally-oriented courses according to the Master Program and University requirements;
b) a series of social and economic disciplines;
c) a series of psychological and pedagogical courses.

To complete the Master Program in Specialty #8.05010301, Software of Systems, a student is supposed to master all the mandatory disciplines (118 credits), some part of optional disciplines (18 – 33 credits), pass through the curriculum-specified research practice (2 credits), and be prepared to present a Master thesis (14 credits).  The total amount of credits received during the entire term of studying at this Master Program is 150-165.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge in the Subject Area

Substantiation of project solutions and project management in the process of developing information management systems and technologies.
Development of mathematical object models and automation processes in computer information systems.
Analysis of subject areas and their formalization in the process of creating  automated systems.
Development of informational and computing processes and systems.
Information technology design in the market infrastructure.
Development of banking information systems.
Feasibility study to develop information management systems and technologies.

Cognitive Skills in the Subject Area

Providing project management of information technologies control over computerized integrated production areas in the framework of developing technical specifications, sketch, technical, and business planning with the help of automated design systems.

Using the existing staff provision, financial state of an organization and the developers’ expertise, create a working group to develop information and software provision after an order for system development is placed.

Planning the development of information and software provision in the framework of a sketch, technical, and business planning process, taking into consideration the technical specifications described in a system development order, the financial potential of an organization, and the developers’ expertise.

Practical Skills in the Subject Area

Collecting, processing, analysis, and systematization of scientific and technical information, summarizing the best national and international experience in the field of developing computer software systems and technologies in the course of scientific research with the help of hardware and software and using up-to-date methods of scientific research.

Developing mathematical models of objects and computerization processes under the conditions of computer-aided design and management of organizational systems through operational research in manufacturing sphere and using procedures of formal system overview. 

Developing algorithms for solving the problems of seeking the best solutions within a multitude of solutions using the procedure of reducing a whole decision-making process to simple tasks by means of decomposition of the choice functions.

General Skills

Substantiating and taking decisions, as well as the strategy planning process, taking into consideration common human values, personal, social, state, and industrial interests.

Studying the experience of leading countries in the field of building informational societies; adjusting existing models of informational societies in the framework of implementing Ukraine’s computerization state program using up-to-date scientific and technical reference literature, information retrieval systems, computer networks, as well as using computerized systems of information processing and retrieval, including the Internet and decision-making support systems.  

, processinganalysis, and systematization of scientific and technical information, summarizing the best national and international experience in the field of developing computer software systems and technologies in the course of scientific research with the help of hardware and software provision, using up-to-date methods of scientific research.

Professional Graduates’ Profile and Potential Positions

Master in the “Software Provision of Systems”specialtyfocuses on the development of distance education systems, intellectualization of information technologies, and creation of decision-making support systems.

to Further Education

Master in the “Software Provision of Systems” specialty can proceed with postgraduate studies under Specialty 05.13.05 “Computer Systems and Components” or Specialty 05.13.06 “Informational Technologies”.

Regulations for Examinations, Assessment and Grades

The Tentative Provisions for Knowledge Assessment and Rating System for Students under Credit and Module System of Academic Process.

Graduation Requirements
Master Degree is granted on the condition of successful presentation of a Master’s qualification thesis (research paper), which is to be worked upon during the whole period of Master Program studies and to be completed in the 3d year of studies; it is also supposed to be discussed at research seminars. The access requirement for the Master thesis presentation is having successful grades in curriculum subjects.

The topics for qualification research papers are determined in line with scientific research directions of Kyiv-based research institutes, collaborating with the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, and corresponds to the scientific and practical content of the Master program.

Format of Education


Head of Program

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Oleh V. Franchuk.

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