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Код: 296281



Анотація: This course belongs to the public health block of courses. The course aims to put future public health professionals in touch with "western epidemiology" - a study of the distribution, trends, and preventive/risk factors for diseases and other health-related states and ways to control them. The course's main emphasis is on acquiring a methodology for studying all the concepts mentioned above to properly and independently search, critically read and use the base of evidence in public health.

Тип дисципліни: elective

Рік навчання: 2

Семестр: Spring

Кількість кредитів: 4 (total amount of hours - 93; class hours - 38 hours; self-study -55 hours)

Форма контролю: Exam

Викладач(і): Vernyhor Yuliia, Mazhnaya Alona

Результати навчання: We expect that after completing a course, students will reach three learning outcomes:
Intellectual: Understand basic terms and concepts of epidemiology
Cognitive: Critically assess study results in the area of public health
Emotional: Be guided in decision-making as public health professionals by available evidence

Спосіб навчання: online

Необхідні обовязкові попередні й супутні модулі: -

Зміст дисципліни: This course covers 9 core topics in basic epidemiology: 1. Introduction: What is epidemiology? 2. Measuring disease frequency. 3. Comparing disease frequencies. 4. Disease outbreak investigation. 5. Epidemiological study designs: 1) Classification of study designs. 2) Descriptive, interventional and analytical observational study designs. 3) Pyramid of evidence. 6. Potential errors in epidemiological studies: Bias, random errors, and confounding. 7. Systematic reviews and meta-analysis. 8. Causation in epidemiology. 9. A critical review of epidemiological studies.

Рекомендована література:
1. Bonita, R., Beaglehole, R., & Kjellstr?m, T. (2006). Basic epidemiology. World Health Organization.
2. Aschengrau, A., & Seage, G. R. (2013). Essentials of epidemiology in public health. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.
3. Dicker, R. C., Coronado, F., Koo, D., & Parrish, R. G. (2006). Principles of epidemiology in public health practice; an introduction to applied epidemiology and biostatistics.
4. Rockett, I. R. (1999). Population and health: an introduction to epidemiology (Vol. 54, No. 4). Population Reference Bureau.
5. John, M. Last, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2001.

Форми та методи навчання: lectures, practical assignments, homework

Методи й критерії оцінювання: rating evaluation with 100 points system: during term activities - 70 points (tests, participation in seminars, homework; final control - 30 points (exam).

Мова навчання: English