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Код: 297733


Дослідницький семінар з соціальних трансформацій

Зміст дисципліни: The aim of the "Social Transformations" course is to expose students (expected to be Master and/or PhD level) to multiple approaches to analysis of social change. Specifically, we will examine a) evolutionism (incl. modernization theory, functionalism, and structuration), b) cyclical theories, c) conflict theory, d) agency theories (incl. "social becoming" and "morphogenesis"). These theoretical approaches will be applied to analysis of four specific examples of transformation: Revolutions: socio-economic and political (particular attention will be paid to the three Ukrainian "Maidans" as case studies); Macro-social (civilizational) transformation: industrialization, modernization, transition of societies to "post-" (industrial, modern...); Evolution of everyday life: public sphere, consumption, values and practices, time use; Post-Soviet "transitions": democratization, marketization, change/latency of informal practices, path-dependency.