What we are looking for


Ideas and projects of sustainable technologies development, and other innovations that are important for finding solutions to key problems of Ukraine and the world.


We consider all technological, managerial, and social innovations/ideas that can:


  • Solve major global challenges
  • Bring substantial improvement to KMA and Ukraine
  • Correspond to Basic KMA Values


Provided that the innovations possess an appropriate scale/market, and their proponents have:


  • An adequate comprehension of SWOT, technology, team, audience, organizational, economic and legal models of the product;
  • A distinct understanding of goals and the ways to attain them;
  • A deep understanding of the risks and consequences that the innovation/idea's implementation may bring;
  • Devotion to hard work and ability to face failure;
  • Readiness to share their success with KMA and develop I-Eco KMA;
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