What we do



  • We combine our domestic experience of venture business with examples from best world-wide investment programs in order to prepare qualified managers of innovative projects.
  • Develop a portfolio of innovative projects:
    • Beneficial for KMA and Ukrainian civil society, in cooperation with experts, partners of KMA and donors;
    • Important for economic development and environmental protection, in collaboration with KMA, external investors, partners, and clients;
  • Collaborate with KMA's scientific laboratories and centers in the context of turning domestic innovations into money


Three main venues of our activity are:

1) Office for Reform Support, with E-Democracy being its major project, that is developed in collaboration with KMA Alumni Association;

2) Office for Education Projects, with Theological Club and Academic E-Governance being its major projects, that is aimed at developing an innovative education within KMA;

3) Office for Sustainable Technologies, where CID supports and commercializes breakthrough technologies together with Techinvest, a venture capital company:


1) Сlean energy

  • Boosting productivity of alternative energy sources
  • Energy-efficient solutions for energy service companies
  • Effective and ecofriendly industrial thermo-energy technologies
  • Energy/fuel from MSW, organic waste, low quality fossil fuels
  • Oil/gas sludge processing
  • Oil refinery efficiency

3) Green infrastructure

  • Sewage, liquid wastes, oil sludge treatment
  • Industrial/municipal solid waste utilization
  • Bioremediation of polluted lands, landfills
  • Eco-friendly and cheaper solutions for road construction
  • Energy-efficient and electric vehicles


4) Innovative educationally-practical program "Export&MSB Studies" in the cooperation with Faculty of Economics is called to help students under the direction of high professional workers to get experience in the realization of the researches and advancement of the Ukrainian Small & Medium Enterprises on the world markets.

The aims of the program:

  • to grow up of the professional managers and analysts for the business and state management  at  the development of export on micro- and macrolevels who have a broad mind and practical experience;
  • to  help the enterprises who lost the markets of the CIS, or does not know how to work /enter on the developed world markets, in particular - EU, America;
  • to provide various  help  to Ukrainian Small & Medium Enterprises, in particular - to the migrants from East part of Ukraine and Crimea;
  • to qualify the entrepreneurs  for development in Ukraine of new competition Ukrainian Small & Medium Enterprises;
  • to qualify the talents for development of academic enterprise, in particular in NaUKMA;
  • to develop the infrastructure for  the leadingout of the Ukrainian commodities to the world market " on turnkey basis”



Wishing to join to the  program «Export&MSB Studies», kindly request to proceed the registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NJ236vyVb0pJrjWzHsmZvvMAmyfevIbiso8SUtfFTxg/viewform?c=0&w=1



5) Biomedicine

  • Nano polymer shell for drugs
  • Stem cells products

6) Innovative information technologies

  • Advanced hardware and software


Our venues of activity are visualized in the next way:


CID projects

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