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General Information

The Department of Sociology is one of the leading centers for training qualified specialists in sociology at the levels of Bachelor, Master, PhD and Doctors of Science. The department provides teaching of basic socio-scientific disciplines, as well as many original courses in the field of history and theory of sociology, methodology and methods of sociological research, data analysis, and a variety of other branches of sociology, forming both a high level of theoretical knowledge and a wide range of practical skills in the students. Postgraduate and doctoral studies are open for graduates, teacher and all anyone else interested in the sphere of sociology.


Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) – the first non-governmental sociological research center in Ukraine maintains close cooperation with the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Sociology. Due to this professors, students and postgraduate students of the Department have the opportunity to use over one hundred of unique arrays of sociological data that is being collected from the representative of adult population of Ukraine by the KIIS staff together with the universities and research organizations of the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, USA, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden, the United Nations, the World Bank and other international organizations, since October 1991. There is a special communication studio for interviews and focus groups research professionally equipped for our students and professors.


The professors of our Department of Sociology maintain international scientific contacts with

  • The Department of Sociology at J. Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA)
  • University of Ottawa (Canada)
  • Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)
  • Stony Brook University (USA)
  • Finnish Research Institute Stakis
  • Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw, Poland)
  • Radio “Free Europe” / Radio “Liberty” Research Institute (Intermedia Research Center)
  • Research Offices of the World Bank and the International Organization for Migration conducting research for TACIS and the European Union projects


Every year, our specialists publish scientific articles based on the results of their research and participate in scientific conferences and seminars, including the international ones. Postgraduates of the Department of Sociology have received the Peter Jacyk Grant for internship at the Institute of International Relations at the University of Toronto several times.


Graduates of the Department successfully work in many sociological research centers, marketing and advertising companies, also join the teaching staff at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and other universities in Ukraine.


Scientific projects and partnership

The fields of scientific research of professors at the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Sociology include:

  • analysis of contemporary sociological theories
  • history of Ukrainian Sociology
  • macrosociological approach in global sociology
  • world-system analysis
  • methodology and technics of sociological research
  • trends in the development of poll methods in Ukraine
  • preparation of the book Methods of Collecting Sociological Information
  • social inequality
  • intergenerational, social, class and educational mobility
  • sociology of education
  • transition from education to work
  • social structures and personal qualities in Ukrainian society
  • sociological studies of gender relations
  • modern religiosity in Ukraine and in the World
  • factors of social activity
  • dynamics of the attitude of Ukrainians towards Russia and vice versa


The topics of scientific research by the professors of Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Sociology:

  • 2011
    • Attitude of the population of Ukraine to their State’s independence: changes within 20 years (Supervisor: Prof. Valerii Khmel’ko, PhD)
    • Trends in the development of poll methods in Ukraine (Supervisor: Prof. Volodymyr Paniotto, PhD)
    • Dynamics of the attitude of Ukrainians to Russia and Russians in Ukraine (a common project with Levada Center, Russia) (Supervisor of the Ukrainian part: Prof. Volodymyr Paniotto, PhD)
    • Intergenerational social-class and educational mobility (Supervisor: Associate Professor Svitlana Oksamytna, PhD in Sociology)
    • Attractiveness of scientific activity for Ukrainian youth (Supervisor: Associate Professor Lina Malysh, PhD in Sociology)
    • Features of the perception of social inequality by the population of post-communist countries (Supervisor: Associate Professor Lina Malysh, PhD in Sociology)
    • Factors of basic skills and abilities of young Ukrainians (Supervisor: Associate Professor Lina Malysh, PhD in Sociology)
    • Scenarios and factors for the acquisition of non-Christian religious identity in Ukraine (Supervisor: Associate Professor Olena Bogdan, PhD in Sociology)
    • Post-Soviet Macro-Social Transformations (Supervisor: Dmytro Khutky, PhD)
    • Gender Portrait of the Crimea (Supervisor: Dmytro Khutky, PhD)
    • LGBT Families in Ukraine (Supervisor: Associate Professor Tamara Martsenyuk, PhD in Sociology)
    • Male organizations and male movement in the USA (Supervisor: Associate Professor Tamara Martsenyuk, PhD in Sociology)
    • Ukrainian Institute for Civic Studies, Ukrainian Sociological Institute in Prague: Conceptual and Methodological Principles of Analysis of Ukrainian Society (Supervisor: Prof. Svitlana Hutka, PhD)
    • Subjective prosperity and human agency in the transitional countries as opposed to stable countries (Supervisor: Prof. Svitlana Hutka, PhD)
  • 2010
    • Social inequality in Ukraine (according to the International Program for Social Research, ISSP) (Supervisor: Associate Professor Lina Malysh, PhD in Sociology)
    • Empirical indicators of stratification of modern societies (Supervisor: Prof. Valerii Khmel’ko, PhD)
    • Structural inequalities of the geoculture of modern world-system (Supervisor: Dmytro Khutky, PhD)
    • Representation of foreign policy orientation of the population through the public communication of the ruling elites (Supervisors: Prof. Volodymyr Ossovsky (until June 3, 2010), Prof. N.V. Kostenko (from September 2010)
    • Social stratification and social adaptability of an individual in the face of radical social changes in Ukraine (Supervisor: Prof. Valerii Khmel’ko, PhD)
    • Social simulation as a method of studying socio-structural dynamics (on the example of the linguo-ethnic structure of Ukrainian society) (Supervisor: Prof. Volodymyr Paniotto, PhD)
    • Exit poll functions in Ukraine (Supervisor: Prof. Volodymyr Paniotto, PhD)
    • Tobacco smoking in Ukraine: status, dynamics, factors (in cooperation with the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Public Health) (Supervisor: Natalaia Kharchenko, PhD in Sociology, Executive Director of KIIS)
    • Specificity of modern religiosity in Ukraine in the context of European and other societies dominated by Christian faith (Supervisor: Associate Professor Olena Bogdan, PhD in Sociology)
    • Civic cooperation factors and initiatives (Supervisor: Associate Professor Olena Bogdan, PhD in Sociology)


International scientific partnership

  • 2011
    • Title of the scientific project: AFP Mobility 2010/2011  
      • Partners: Center of Social Sciences of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
    • Title of the scientific project: Ukrainian Migrants and Their Families
      • Partners: International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Labor and Labor Movement in Ukraine: Archive and Research
    • Title of the scientific project: The translation of the book Invitation to Reflexive Sociology by Pierre Bourdieu and Loika Vacan into Ukrainian
      • Partners: The Institute of Humanitarian Studies (Vienna), the Journal of Social Criticism Commons
    • Title of the scientific project: Investigation of the attitude of Russians towards Ukraine and Ukrainians towards Russia
      • Partners: Levada Analytical Center (Moscow, Russian Federation)
    • Title of the scientific project: “The end of the year” – estimation of the year and expectations for the next year in 54 countries
      • Partners: Gallup International
  •  2010
    • Title of the scientific project: World Public Opinion Project
      • Partners: US Universities and other 19 countries
    • Title of the scientific project: Investigation of the attitude of Russians towards Ukraine and Ukrainians towards Russia
      • Partners: Levada Analytical Center (Moscow, Russian Federation)


Scientific cooperation with the national institutions

  • monthly scientific seminars
  • support of the Open Bank for Social Data of KIIS and NaUKMA and the use of their materials for the scientific work by professors, postgraduates and students
  • cooperation with the KIIS, which includes participation of our professors in their research projects, polling and in the analytical studies of the commonly collected sociological data
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