Faculty of Humanities

MD "Philology"

Specialty 8.02030307 "Philology"

Qualification Granted

Master's Degree in "Philology»; specialization in Theory, History of Literature and Comparative Studies

Qualification Level

Master (second level of higher education)

Special Regulations for Prior Education Recognition (formal, informal, non-certificate)

Basic higher education in philology, providing appropriate system of knowledge and skills.

Special Requirements for Admission

Enrollment is subject to general terms of admission to Graduate Programs at NaUKMA.

Qualification Requirements and Provisions

Master in Philology, specialty 8.02030307 "Philology. Theory, History of Literature and Comparative Studies" is prepared to work in educational, research and publishing fields. Master is an expert in the history of Ukrainian and world literature, literary theory and comparative literature (comparative studies).

Program Profile

Theory, History and Comparative Studies (Comparative Literature Studies).

Key Learning Outcomes

Professional competence of a Master in Philology requires:
·Perfect knowledge of the state language and knowledge of at least two foreign languages ​​at the levels of professional and everyday communication.
·Excellent knowledge of historical and literary facts at all levels; understanding of the essence of aesthetic phenomena.
·Ability to apply knowledge of literary theory and comparative studies, to use methods of comparative research.
·Understanding the nature and essence of national traditions in literature and art.Ability to differentiate typical and individual, world, European, and specifically ethnic features in the development of literature.
·Knowledge of modern methodologies of literary studies, the ability to select the methods adequate to a subject under research.
·Ability to independently plan and carry out certain literary research.
The study of theoretical and practical disciplines contributes to the development of the following practical skills of a specialist :
·skills in seeking and processing sources;
·skills in analysis and interpretation of texts in humanities;
·skills in independent learning and constant upgrading of one's professional competence;
·skills in professional writing in the genres of academic and research, reference, literary and critical, journalistic and popular styles;
·skills in practical application of modern information technologies.

Professional Graduates’ Profiles and Potential Occupations

A graduate from this program can work in educational, research, literary and publishing industries, in print and electronic media, PR-technologies, in various funds and foundations of humanitarian profile, in museums, art and cultural centers, etc.

Access to Further Education

Master in Philology is prepared for further education in the post-graduate school (Aspirantura) of NaUKMA under the specialties: 10.01.01 Ukrainian Literature 10.01.04 Literature of Foreign Countries; 10.01.05 Comparative Literature, Theory of Literature 10.01.06, 10.01.03 Literature of the Slavonic Countries.

The Department of Literature and Foreign Languages hosts a Specialized Research Council for the defense of doctoral/candidacy (PhD) theses within specialty 10.01.01 - Ukrainian Literature.

Structure of Program Subject Series








Normative Disciplines and Practices




Series of subjects pertaining to humanities, social and economic training




Series of subjects for professional and practical training




Series of subjects for professional training




Series of practical training




Selective Courses




State сertification







Regulations for Examinations, Assessment and Grades

Assessment of students' learning is based on 100-point rating system in accordance with NaUKMA's Tentative Provisions for Knowledge Assessment and Rating System for Students under Credit and Module System of Academic Process.

The criteria for assessment and calculating academic ranking in each discipline are approved by the Department and informed to the students at the first session in each subject.

Graduation Requirements

After finishing the second year of study under the chosen specialization in еру NaUKMA's Graduate School and fulfilling the professional program of "Higher Education Level" (120 ECTS credits), a graduating student undergoes the state certification based on the diploma thesis defense. A Master's thesis is an independent and thorough investigation into a scientific problem that must be covered on the basis of professional study of historical and literary facts and theoretical generalization reflecting the author's standpoint regarding the issues raised. A thesis shall be prepared for defending in public and receiving the academic degree.

Format of Education

Full-time, duration - 2 years.

Head of Program

Volodymyr P. Morenets, Doctor of Philology (PhD), Professor,  Head of Department of Literature and Foreign Languages.

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