Faculty of Humanities

MD "Philology"

Master’s Program “Philology. Theory, History of Ukrainian language
and Comparative Studies"

Educational Field 8.02030307 "Philology. Theory, History of Ukrainian language
and Comparative Studies"

Qualification Granted
Master’s degree in "Philology"

Qualification Level
Master (the second module of higher education)

Special Requirements for Admission
Admission is conducted on general requirements of entry to the Master program of NaUKMA

Special Regulations for Prior Education Recognition (formal, informal, non-certificate)
Availability of educational qualification of “Bachelor” or “Specialist”, confirmed the document by state document.

Requirements and Regulations for the Qualification
Requirements for selecting students for Master studies in “Philology. Theory, History of Ukrainian Language and Comparative Studies” in National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy" include: a basic higher education in philology with that of the knowledge, skills and skills, lack of contraindications for health reasons.

Personal Qualities
The desire to research activities, the tendency to intellectual analysis and synthesis, the ability to understand multiplicity of linguistic phenomena, the ability to see different aspects of the facility, ability to detect the integrity of the language, logic, system features, the ability to flexibly handle speech and language elements and structures.

Program Profile
Master's program in the field of “Philology. Theory, History of Ukrainian Language and comparative Studies”, which was opened in 2008, implements the model of linguistic philological orientation, which recognizes the central role of language in cognitive and communicative activities, provides a broad combining the courses and historical cycles. providing a thorough knowledge of students linguistic origins, dynamics and current state of linguistic thought.

Educational and vocational training program for masters designed for 2 years and provides for selective capture and regulatory disciplines of vocational and practical, humanitarian, natural-scientific and socio-economic direction in the amount of 240 ECTS credits.
Emphasis is on professional training that is highly qualified teaching staff. General and Slavic Linguistics and Chair of Ukrainian Language in NaUKMA involving leading experts from other universities and academic institutions in Ukraine and worldwide.

Key Learning Outcomes
Master of Arts in Philology prepared for continued graduate studies in specialty 10.02.01-Ukrainian, 10.02.03 - Slavic languages, 10.02.15 - General Linguistics, 10.02.17 - General Linguistics and the practical activities will be mostly analytical and humanitarian skills (communication, writing, translation, editing, search, analysis and presentation of linguistic information, etc.).

Professional Skills include Master Studies:
Master of Arts in Philology (the direction of preparation - 0305), specialty 8.030508 ("Philology. Theory, History of Ukrainian Language and Comparative Studies) was prepared to work in education, research and publishing area of lithe economy. Philologist-Master is an expert on the History of Ukrainian and Slavic Languages, Sociolinguistics, Language Theory and Comparative Linguistics (Comparative Studies), has the latest information on this branch of human knowledge, is ready to provide educational, scientific background and editorial services, able to conduct independent research - critical research as a stakeholder in that order institutions (ministries, departments, committees, foundations, publishers, editors, etc.), and in terms of their own development as a specialist higher qualification (Ph.D.). Master of Studies should be able to work in different professional groups with the State Classification of Economic Activities (SCEA).

Regulations for Examinations, Assessment and Grades
Assessment of student learning is a 100-point rating system in accordance with the Regulation community on the rating system testing.
Criteria for testing and training provided that the rating of each discipline approved by the Department and communicated to students at the first session.

Requirements for Admission
State certification to obtain a Master's Degree in Philology in NaUKMA conducted in the form of protection of the Master's work, which aims at a comprehensive review of students' knowledge of the disciplines in the curriculum. State certification of graduates by the State Examination Commission NaUKMA. The condition for admission to student defend a master's thesis is the performance of the curriculum in its entirety.
The results showed that the student receives a master's degree from the direction of "Philology" and state diploma.

Format of Education (full-time, distant, part-time)
Full-time (duration - 2 years).

Head of Program
Vasyl V. Luchyk. Doctor of Philology, Professor, Head of General and Slavic Linguistics of NaUKMA

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