Faculty of Humanities

BD "History"

Specialization 6. 030301 – “History”

Qualification Attained

Bachelor of history

Qualification Level

Bachelor (the first cycle of higher education)

Conditions of Acknowledgement of the Prior Education (Formal, Informal, Unofficial)

The completion of secondary education or of the educational qualification level of “junior specialist”, confirmed by a state – endorsed document.

Special Demands for Enrollment

Enrollment is carried out according to the general conditions of entering the bachelor programs of NaUKMA

Defining Characteristics of the Qualification

A bachelor of history has basic knowledge of Ukrainian and world history and displays aptitude for independent scientific research.

Profile of the Program
The subjects of the bachelor course are taught on the basis of original course programs. Good training in foreign languages makes it possible for students to use authentic academic works and sources from all over the world and to attend  lectures of distinguished scientist of international acclaim. Mastering the subjects is based upon individual planning of study. There is a possibility to complement basic education with mastering a program of an additional (minor) specialization or to study one of “certificate” programs (religious studies, translation and interpreting, Judaic studies) with the receipt of the corresponding certificate at the end. There are numerous ways of encouraging excellent academic achievements and scientific research, such as personal grants, training courses in foreign countries, and since 2006 – wider possibilities to pursue individual study curricula, according to the inter-subject humanitarian studies program.

The Main Outcome of the Course

The main objective of a bachelor of history is understanding  historical process as a result of human activity and partaking in historical experience. A bachelor of history is trained both for further education and for practical work.

The Professional Competence of a bachelor of history comprises the following skills and knowledge:

  • understanding  the substance, aims and content of the humanities,  the place of history in the system of humanitarian knowledge, the nature of human society and the role of an individual in its functioning;
  • profound knowledge of the main events and periods in the history of Ukrainian people and other peoples, living in Ukraine, of European and world history;
  • understanding  the phenomenon of culture, its role in the life of a society, its types and forms;
  • profound knowledge of Ukrainian culture as a constituent of European and world culture;
  • knowledge of the main problems of philosophy, economic and political theories worldwide.
  • understanding the system of social units and social relations,  the forms of an individual’s  interaction with social groups and communities;
  • knowledge of the main historical types of state and legal systems and understanding of the principal trends of their development;
  • knowledge and understanding of the importance of rights and liberties of a person and a citizen;
  • understanding religion as a particular outlook of a person and of special features of confessional life in Ukraine;
  • being fluent in Ukrainian and foreign languages;
  • mastering modern information technologies and ability to use them in one’s professional activity.

The studying of theoretical subjects and research training courses are conducive to shaping the following practical specialist skills:

  • ability to perform scientific research and to think logically;
  • being able to find, analyze and interpret relevant research material
  • striving for continuous professional growth;
  • skills of academic research in the field of history;
  • skills of research of local history, geography and culture;
  • ability to use knowledge of wide humanitarian spectrum;
  • the skills, necessary to compile analytical and reference material;
  • practical skills of modern information technology use;
  • skills of interpersonal and business communication;
  • operating within the boundaries of professional relations ethic;
  • skills of fluent communication in Ukrainian and foreign languages;
  • skills of effective time management.

The Professional Positions of the Graduates

A bachelor of history can perform the work and occupy the professional positions, which correspond to the State Classifier of Professions ДК003-95: of junior specialists in the sphere of education, secretaries of administrative establishments; executive assistants, laboratory assistants in other spheres of scientific research.

Access to Further Education

A bachelor of history is trained for further obtaining of complete higher education and educational and qualification level of a master of sciences majoring in 8.030301 – “History” (specialization: 0303 – history, qualification: 2443.2 – historian)

Information about Examinations, Assessment and Marks

Students’ knowledge assessment is performed according to 100-point rating system in accordance with the “ NaUKMA Instruction about  the Rating System of Knowledge Assessment”.

Conditions for Graduation

The state accreditation for attaining the qualification level of bachelor of history in NaUKMA is carried out in the form of qualification thesis.
The state accreditation of the graduates is performed by the State examination board of NaUKMA. A student’s admission to the qualification thesis viva voce is subject to overall completion of the syllabus by such student.

The Form of Studying

Full-time; duration – 4 years.

Program Manager

Yakovenko Nataliia Mykolaivna, PHD in History, Professor, Head of the History Department of NaUKMA.

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