Faculty of Humanities

BD "Culturology"

Specialization 6. 020101 – Cultural Studies

Qualification Attained

Bachelor of Cultural Studies

Qualification Level

Bachelor (the first cycle of higher education)

Special Demands for Enrollment

Enrollment is carried out according to the general conditions of entering the bachelor programs of NaUKMA.

Conditions of Acknowledgement of the Prior Education (Formal, Informal, Unofficial)

The completion of secondary education or of the educational qualification level of “junior specialist”, confirmed by a state-endorsed document.

Defining Characteristics of the Qualification

The Bachelor of Cultural Studies qualification evidences profound preparation in the humanities, understanding the features and stages of development of the national and world culture.

Profile of the Program

The educational and professional program of preparation for the bachelor degree is designed for a 4-year study period and is aimed at mastering both mandatory and optional subjects in professional and practical, humanitarian, scientific, and socio-economic spheres which are worth 240 credits of Unified Guidelines on Qualifications.

The Main Outcome of the Course, Access to Further Education

A holder of the bachelor of cultural studies qualification is trained both for continuation of education at a master’s level majoring in 8.020101 – Cultural studies, and for practical work,requiring analytical and humanitarian skills.

The Professional Competence of a bachelor of cultural studies comprises the ability to: recognize the main stages of development of the national culture, to identify and explain its sources and its place in the general cultural and historical process, to identify the main stages of development of the world culture, to identify and explain the basic specifics of cultural and historical processes; to characterize the development of art and demonstrate knowledge of the historical periods of its development;  to characterize the history of Ukrainian art; to be able to identify its place and explain its role in the context of the development of the world art; to characterize the history and theory of  museum  management worldwide, including Ukraine;  to identify the specific features of mass culture  and to single out its functions in the modern world; the ability to identify the main theories of socio-cultural anthropogenesis of  humanity and to apply them in  academic work; to engage in fluent professional communication in Ukrainian and English; to use relevant terminology and notions.

The Professional Positions of the Graduates

The educational and professional preparation of a bachelor of cultural studies shapes the ability and skills for the realization of executive, consultation, pedagogical (for secondary educational establishments) and communicational functions.

A bachelor of cultural studies is prepared for the types of professional activity corresponding to the State Classifier of the Types of Economic Activity DK 009:2005 (KVED): the work, connected with data bases; public relations; secretarial services and translation services; assistance in the sphere of state administration; secondary education; out-of-school education; adult education and other types of education; functioning of public organizations.

A bachelor of cultural studies can perform the work and occupy the professional positions, which correspond to the State Classifier of Professions ДК003-95: of  junior specialists in the sphere of education (coordinators); technicians in the sphere of administration: inspectors of the principal activity, instructors; secretaries of administrative establishments; task performance controllers; organizing secretaries (of an association, union, federation); executive assistants: reviewers, readers; administrative secretaries, committee secretaries (of organizations or establishments), secretaries of the board.

Access to Further Education

A bachelor of cultural studies is trained for further obtaining of complete higher education and educational and qualification level of a master of sciences majoring in 8.0200101 –Cultural Studies.

Information about Examinations, Assessment and Marks

Students’ knowledge assessment is performed according to a 100-point rating system in accordance with the “NaUKMA Regulations on the Rating System of Knowledge Assessment”.

The criteria of knowledge assessment and the conditions of defining a student’s rating at a specific subject are decided and endorsed by the department and the students are informed about them at their first lesson.

Conditions for Graduation

The state accreditation for attaining the qualification level of bachelor of cultural studies in NaUKMA is carried out in the form of qualification thesis.
The state accreditation of  graduates is performed by the State examination board of NaUKMA. A student’s admission to the qualification thesis viva voce is subject to overall completion of the syllabus by such student.

The Form of Studying

Full-time; duration – 4 years.

Program Manager

Sobutskyi Mykhailo Anatoliiyovych, PHD in Philology, Professor, Head of the Cultural Study Department of NaUKMA.



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