Faculty of Economics

MD "Economic theory"

Educational Field 8.030501 "Theory of Economics”

Qualification Granted

Master’s degree in “Theory of Economics”

Qualification Level


Special Requirements for Admission

Bachelor’s degree diploma in 0305 “Economics and Business” educational field.

Special Regulations for Prior Learning Recognition (formal, informal, non-certificate)


Program Profile

Masters in the field of “Theory of Economics” are appointed to carry out research and educational activities in higher and vocational educational institutions, research institutes, government agencies and local governments, particularly in such divisions and departments as planning and economic development, analytical research and others. Experts of this profile, specializing in economics, deal with a wide range of issues, namely economic process investigation, innovative activities in economics, teaching and research.

The total number of ECTS credits is 120 including humanitarian and social economic disciplines - 6 credits, professional and practical disciplines – 114 credits.

Key Learning Outcomes:

1) Knowledge in the Subject Area

  • research of the management process of irreversible and current assets of an enterprise (organization);
  • improvement of the management process of enterprise resource potential;
  • research and improvement of economic activities of an enterprise;
  • research and improvement of economic planning  of enterprise activities;
  • proposal elaboration to improve Ukraine’s state regulation of the economic activities;
  • research in the field of economic process development and improvement in Ukraine and abroad;

2) Cognitive Skills in the Subject Area

  • ability to use professionally profiled knowledge and practical skills in the economic activity management of enterprises;
  • ability to apply knowledge and skills to solve economic problems;
  • ability to use special computer programs in research.
  • ability to use methodological techniques of research;
  • skills of oral and written presentation of research and practical material.

3) Practical skills in the Subject Area

  • skills of applying research-based methods for analyzing and forecasting the development of enterprises and organizations;
  • skills of applying research-based methods to analyze and forecast the development of Ukraine’s economic activities;
  • skills to prepare proposals for improving Ukraine’s economic activities;
  • ability to apply information systems and technologies in the economy.

4) General Skills

  • skills to consider the influence of enterprise environment factors of direct and indirect effect on efficiency of economic and production activities of enterprises (institutions, organizations) and those of Ukraine as a whole;
  • ability to use various practical skills for computer data collection and processing;
  • skills to work efficiently with modern computers;
  • ability to apply knowledge in practice and research;
  • ability to perform self-education and continue professional development;
  • communicative skills, including oral and written communication in the Ukrainian language and at least one of the common European languages;
  • social interaction skills and those to work in groups, conflict and stress management;
  • ability to organize personal activities and effective time management.

Professional Graduates’ Profiles and Examples

The objects of the Master’s activity in the educational field “Theory of Economics” are the particular means and instruments of the state administration and local government, research and educational institutions.

Access to Further Education

A Master in the field of “Theory of Economics” may proceed with following postgraduate specialties:

  • “Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought”;
  • “Mathematical Methods and Information Technology in Economics”;
  • “World Economy and International Economic Relations”;
  • “Economics and Enterprise Management” (by economic activity types).

Regulations for Examinations, Assessment and Grades

Tentative provisions on testing and ranking students in the credit and modular system of educational process organization

Graduation Requirements

Complete education program of120 credits and successfully presented Master's thesis.

Format of Education

Full time

Head of program

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Yuriy M. Bazhal.

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