Culture and Arts Centre

The Culture and Arts Centre contributes to the development of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy traditions, to cultivating the spiritual aura of the university, and to aiding in the harmonious development of young personalities able to appreciate both classical and modern art.

Engaging professional artists in its projects, the Culture and Arts Centre provides facilities for students’ artistic activities and training, and for the development of their artistic talents.


NaUKMA Artistic Projects


- «Pochaina» People’s Choir

- Ensemble of Old Music

- «Pasika» Theatre Centre

- Olena Zamostian Art Gallery

- «Antresolia» Arts Studio

- Fancy Dancing Studio

- Music Studio

- Mohyla Music Eves Project

- «Pid Wall» Gallery


Student Cinema Clubs in NaUKMA


- Green Cinema

- Student Cinema Club

- Films Demonstrations in Victor Kytasty American Library


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