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Networks XXI century - a part of Campus Digitization project - includes modernization of network equipment and providing Wi-Fi on the entire NaUKMA campus. This is a program to create an integrated digital environment according to modern requirements. It includes Wi-Fi in all buildings, electronic subscription for all disciplines, electronic evaluation of teaching quality by students, implementation of electronic workflow, other electronic services and resources to improve academic and scientific activities of the University.

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Building 4 and ground floor of Culture & Arts Center were equipped with Wi-Fi. Funds raised in 2014-15 secured  trouble-proof network supply and fiber-optical connection line for the entire campus, network equipment for Building 4 (Law and Social Sciences faculties), increase of servers' capacity, wireless access to the Internet. The cost of equipment and works in 2016 is 50,000 USD from the funds, raised in 2015.


The next stage for purchasing and setting up network equipment and providing Wi-Fi for the Culture & Arts Center, 6th Building and other camous is planned when funds are available.


New computer training center for KMA professors and employees was opened in the Building 8. Computers and equipment for the amount of 7,700 USD were donated by the company "Brain Computers". Its co-founder Oleksander Karavan is Kyiv-Mohyla Business School Alumnus. The center was equipped with a network from the funds raised in 2015.


NaUKMA needs renovation and replacement of at least 200 computers per year (20% from total) for educational purposes, library and administrative work.



Doctoral School of Yukhymenko family is the first Ukrainian PhD School, which has been preparing young researchers for the last 8 years. The School uses a European approach in teaching, which differs from the old variant of Soviet "aspirantura". NaUKMA was a test Doctoral School in Ukraine, its experience served to draft and pass the Law for Higher Education of Ukraine for all Doctoral Schools.


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A very important part of the PhD study process is research work, as well as publications of its results in international journals, and sharing the experience during international conferences. Such a process leads to successful PhD defense, further research career growth, and at the same time, it lifts the University in world rankings. Unfortunately, all the above listed activities have nearly zero financing from the state budget. That is the reason why Kyiv-Mohyla Academy started fundraising to support research and publishing activities of PhD students and young scientists.  The following are grants that are in need of further financial assistance:


·  Research grant. Is given to PhD students based on competition. The purpose: research expenses in the field of Natural, and Social Sciences, and the Humanities.  Amount 2,000 USD/year depending on the direction of research area.


·  Grants for international publications. The expected size of the fund is approximately 5,400 USD/year . Grants are to be given to PhD students based on competitive bases in order to motivate publication activity at the international referred journals, which work based on the model An article processing charge (APC). This will help Ukrainian research to integrate into the international scientific community.


·  Grants for participation in the international scientific conferences. The expected size of the fund is approximately 5,400 USD/year. Grants are to be given to PhD students based on a competitive basis. Students who will be invited to deliver a presentation that will be published and referred later will have priority. International conferences will not only increase the experience of Ukrainian researchers, but also will bring them to the world scientific community, and will influence rankings of the University. As for today, Ukrainian legislation prohibits the financing of international business trips (conferences) from state budget funds.


·  Post Doctoral grant for support of further research. It is to be given to a PhD graduate on a competitive basis. A grant of 5,900 USD/year . It is aimed to encourage a PhD graduate of Kyiv-Mohyla Doctoral School, to continue teaching and doing research at NaUKMA.




Kyiv-Mohyla academic referred e-journals in English.


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The publication of the University's own scientific electronic journals has a positive influence on the research image of KMA image and the University's place in the world university rankings


Kyiv-Mohyla Humanity Journal was indexed at Web of ScienceTM Core Collection: Emerging Sources Citation Index in Spring 2016, and in 2017 it appeared at The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences. In July, 2017 appeared 4th number of the Journal thanks to the donors family of KMA alumni Sergiy Segeda and Victoria Humeniuk.


Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal.  In the end of 2017 the 3rd number of «Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal» appeared thanks to donor "Baker McKenzie" support. Topic of this edition is «Civil Society in Ukraine: Building on Euromaidan legacy».


Faculty of Natural Sciences. Intensification of research activities, primarily  in the natural sciences, leads to a higher educational level of the university, and growth of its ratings.



Fundraising event 2017


Fundraising Dinner at Art Arsenal (Kyiv) on November 19, 2017

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Fundraising event 2016


Fundraising Dinner 2016 

November 10 at the NaUKMA Cultural Centre (Illinska Str.9)

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Previous events


Fundraising event 2015


Charity event took place on October 1, 2015 at Ukrainian House (European Square, Kyiv)

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Fundraising event 2014


The Fundraising Campaign confined to the 400th anniversary of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy promotes projects aimed at development of the University and contemplates organization of special events.


The first Fundraising Event within the Campaign to be held on 4 April 2014.


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NaUKMA Finished Fundraising Campaign for Encyclopedia of Renown Figures of Kyiv Theological Academy. Presentation of Encyclopedia was held on May 18, 2017 at Old Academic Building of NaUKMA.












Тhе International Charitable Foundation for Renaissance of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy was founded to provide financial support for rekindling the educational and cultural heredity of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy on its historical premises, for further development of the Academy as the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and for financing other charitable activities of the Foundation.

The main tasks of the Foundation are following:

to further development of education and science, to perform scientific and educational programs, to provide support for scientists, students, teachers and pupils;

to further development of culture, particularly by performing national and cultural development programs accessible for all social groups, especially for low-income; to further development of cultural values and arts;

to provide support for talented creative youth;

to support protection and preserving of cultural heritage, historical and cultural communities, memorials of history and culture, grave places of outstanding representatives of the Ukrainian people;

to provide support for development of publishing, mass media, and informational infrastructure.


Requisites of the International Charitable Foundation for Renaissance of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy



restoration_logoCelebrating its 395th anniversary on October 15, 2010, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy announced the launch of the Restoration campaign, aimed at raising funds for restoration of 11 unique buildings of 17th-19th centuries located on the University’s premises.

Since its revival in 1992, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy singly, without having any support from the state, keeps the buildings out of decay, providing active and insistent fundraising for the most urgent project and remedial works. Launching the ambitious Restoration Project, the University not just continues activity for renovating the physical state of the buildings, but also performs a socially important task attracting public attention to understanding of the process of historical monuments renewing as a weighty matter of state, and the University campus at Podil – as an important legacy for the whole Ukrainian nation.


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