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National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (NaUKMA) is a classic university that creates preserves and spreads knowledge in the natural, social, humanitarian and technical sciences. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy represents a community that forms nationally-conscious, honest, caring, creative personalities, who are able to think independently and act responsibly in accordance with the universal principles of Good and Justice, for the development of an open and democratic society.



NaUKMA is the leader in innovation that actively influences the future of Ukraine and its society. The Academy organically combines scientific activity, educational process and the acquisition of practical skills of the highest quality. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is a prestigious, internationally-recognized by the world academic community research university.



Kyiv-Mohyla community

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy - is a community of scholars, teachers, students, staff, alumni and friends of the University, people of different cultures and different backgrounds who respect, preserve and develop cultural and spiritual traditions of the Academy.


We strive to make every Mohylyanka student a free, well-educated, responsible and creative personality. We consider tolerance an indispensable trait of a modern man, who, following his own principles, recognizes the right of others to be different.


Following the principles of humanism, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy protects man and humanity, defending human dignity, rights and freedoms. Our University’s distinctive feature is particularly friendly atmosphere between our teachers, students and staff.


The Academy nurtures a specific development environment that encourages to create, search and implement new innovative ideas and solutions, to perform the tasks using unconventional methods. Liberal Arts Education is the basic principle of learning process at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which provides our students not only with a set of knowledge, but also with a set of competencies that allow them to be flexible, creative and adaptable to a changing and globalized labor market.


Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is a leader in innovation that actively influences the future of Ukraine and its society. The Academy encourages personal leadership, responsibility and commitment. Mohylaynka eagerly takes initiative and responsibility for the development of Ukrainian education, science and other spheres in which it is involved.


We establish and maintain the highest standards in research, teaching and learning activities and distinguish Kyiv-Mohyla community members for their achievements and commitment to our values. At Kyiv-Mohyla Academy there is absolutely no tolerance for plagiarism and any manifestation of corruption. Our student is taught using the official state language, Ukrainian, and the language of international communication, English, as well as other foreign languages.

National consciousness

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy works for the development of Ukraine. We are patriots of Ukraine and communicate using Ukrainian language. However, respect for other cultures, traditions and 

languages is an important part of our consciousness.


Democracy, openness, transparency, decentralization, inclusivity, fighting authoritarianism, the right to criticize and attention to criticism – these are the fundamental principles of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. We cherish academic freedom, critical thinking and independence.

Active citizenship

Kyiv-Mohyla community is a center of independent intellectual thought and an active passionate part of civil society in Ukraine. The Academy asserts its right to its own opinion, the right to speak critically about the authorities and the processes taking place in Ukrainian society. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy offers and initiates changes aimed at the development of the state.



President of NaUKMA

The President of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is the highest official who provides the general management of the university and is responsible for the results of its activities. NaUKMA President decides the most important issues of the university functioning, controls and coordinates the work of the Rectors and of the Senate, and provides the outer representation of NaUKMA.


NaUKMA Presidents:




Serhiy Kvit,


Acting President

(2022 - till today)


Oleksadra Humenna,


Acting President

(April 2021 - February 2022)

Tetiana Yaroshenko


Acting President

(September 2020 - April 2021)

Vasyl’ Ozhohan

Doctor of Philology,

Acting President
(December 2019-September 2020)

Andriy Meleshevych

2014 - 2019

Serhiy Kvit


Vyacheslav Briukhovetskyi




The Kyiv-Mohyla Academy was founded 400 years ago and became the first university in Ukraine and in the whole Russian Empire. After having been closed for 70 years of the Soviet rule it was renewed in 1992 on its historical territory in Kyiv.


11 architectural monuments are sutiated in the campus. Since its reopening, the Academy keeps these important cultural monuments from destruction practically alone . We keep raising funds for projects of design, repairs and restoration actively and insistently.

NaUKMA campus consists of:
9 academic buildings (overall, NaUKMA campus has 11 historical monuments)
Scientific library network with 7 subdivisions
Computer center
Printing center
Culture and Arts center
“Dukh I Litera” and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Publishing House work within the university


Foreign Cooperation

Since 1992 NaUKMA have signed and implemented more than 200 contracts with foreign universities and institutions.


In 2005 NaUKMA signed the Magna Charta Universitatum. It contains principles of academic freedom, institutional autonomy, and self-understanding of universities in the future. It also underlies the unique combination of teaching and research, and must be further developed without abandoning these principles. NaUKMA took an active participation in the process of implementation of university autonomy.



NaUKMA was the first university in Ukraine to implement:
—    Bachelor programs (1992);
—    Liberal Arts Education (1992);
—    European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (1992);
—    Trimester system of academic year (1992);
—    Its own diploma (1995);
—    Parallel admission for two specializations ( the choice can be made after exams are passed) (1995);
—    Two-year Master programs (1996);
—    Doctoral programs arranged by the Western academic criteria (2008);
—    Specializations and schools created in partnership with the leading Western universities: Social Work, Ecology, Public Health, Business school and School of Journalism;
—    Center of Urban studies;School of Psychosocial Rehabilitation;
—    Center of membrane technologies and Laboratory of Genetics and Cellular Biology (the only ones in Ukraine by now);


All these changes NaUKMA implemented were absolutely innovative for the post-Soviet educational system. When the Law “On Higher Education in Ukraine” was introduced in 2014, they were all included into it, so that NaUKMA became an example for the rest of Ukrainian universities.


We were the first Ukrainian university to accept the regulations on plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

Center for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, the first of its kind in Ukraine, works at the Academy. Its main aims are:
1.    To create effective model of education’s quality control at NaUKMA;
2.    To help the students to control the education process on-line;
3.    To provide professional development for the teaching stuff.
4.    To ensure the principles of academic integrity.

More details – here



NaUKMA collaborates with 120 Universities from 35 countries of the World.

The average of 20% per cent of the students take part in the international projects: summer schools, conferences, internships.

More information about academic mobility may be found here.

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