Old Academy (Mazepa) Building 11
Founded by Ivan Mazepa on the premises of the Brotherhood                                        

Monastery in 1703 as a building for the Academy

and The Annunciation (Congregation) Church 12

Built in 1732 upon the project by I.Shedel, a German-Ukrainian

architect, as a family chapel for Kyiv-Mohyla Academy students



Research Library

Arts Library

Science Archive


Doctoral School


NaUKMA Building 10

Tetiana and Omelyan Antonovych Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) Library


NaUKMA Historical and Museum Centre


Laboratory of Historical Studies (NaUKMA Museum):

   Halshka Hulevychivna House (17th century)

   The Saint Spirit (Refectory) Church (18th century)  15

   Cookhouse of the Brotherhood Monastery (18th century) 14

   The House of the Brotherhood Monastery’s Hegumen   17

   Sundial (18th century)   13



NaUKMA Building 1   1

Built in the 19th century by architect A.Melenskyi


NaUKMA President’s Office

Philology Library

Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Humanities

Students Registration Department


NaUKMA Building 2   2


Faculty of Natural Sciences Laboratories

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Publishing House


NaUKMA Building 3   3

The Circle (Kovnir’s) building, its basis was a belfry

built by architect S.Kovnir in 1856-59


Faculty of Natural Sciences

University Department of English

University Department of Physical Culture and Gymnasium

University Department of Ukrainian

Ukrainian-Canadian English Language School

Students Housing Department

Trapezna Cafeteria

NaUKMA Building 4   4


Faculty of Law

James Mace Memorial Library and Archive

Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (kmbs)

Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism

School for Policy Analysis

Victor Kytasty American Library

Student Brotherhood

NaUKMA Job and Career Centre

Omelyan Pritsak Library-Museum-Archive



NaUKMA Culture and Arts Centre   4a


Olena Zamostian Arts Gallery

«ПідWALL» Gallery

Students Cafeteria


NaUKMA Building 5   5


PR Office

FR Office

International Office

Research Department


NaUKMA Building 6   6


Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Social Sciences and Social Technologies

Volodymyr Poltavets School of Social Work

School of Public Health


NaUKMA Building 7   7



NaUKMA Building 8   8


Master’s Programs


NaUKMA Building 9   9

Built in 1778 by NaUKMA alumnus, a Ukrainian architect

I.Hryhorovych-Barskyi as students’ house


Law Clinics

KMA Educational Studies


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