Academy in Ratings


Among Top 30 before 30 there are 5 people from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy! The respective list was made by Kyiv Post. Our congratulations to


  • Roman Tychkivs’kyi, Head of Western NIS Enterprise Fund and Ukrainian Leadership Academy programs

  • Iryna Lytovchenko, co-founder of Tabletochki Charity Fund and Director for Strategic Planning and Eurointegration at Ministry of Health-care of Ukraine

  • Mariia Berlins’ka, a volunteer and social activist, Director of the AeroRozvidka School (the School of Aerial Photography at the National Military Forces of Ukraine)

  • Marharyta Hontar, co-founder of StopFake Initiative

  • Vitalii Diatlenko, co-founder of Uklon transportation service


There are 5 Kyiv-Mohyla alumnae in the 100 Most Influential Women of Ukraine Rating by Focus Journal:


  • Oksana Syroiid, Vice-Head of the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada)

  • Iuliia Kovaliv, Head of the Office of the National Investment Council of Ukraine

  • Oksana Markarova, First Vice-Minister of Finance of Ukraine

  • Olesia Ostrovs’ka-Liuta, Director of the National Culture, Art and Museum Center Mystetskyi Arsenal

  • Ol’ha Kudinenko, co-founder of the Tabletochki Charity Fund


The Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Law is best high school to study law in Ukraine according to the rating of the entrants – it was calculated that most of the entrants who received the highest results at External Independent Evaluation and wished to have an MA degree in Law applied to Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.


Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is among the three leading universities according to the Top 50 Universities by the Employers’ Choice List. The List was made by the Focus Journal, it is based on the references from all the key national employers.


Among 21 publications listed as the Summer Bestsellers by the Book of the Year 2017 Competition 7 books were printed at the Kyiv-Mohyla publishing houses.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy takes first place on the list of universities The Graduates’ Choice 2016: Quantity and Quality worked out by CEDOS Analytical Center.


Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is among three leaders of the Top 50 Ukrainian Universities by the Recruiters’ Choice presented by Focus Journal.


The leading site on education and careers in IT sphere DOU has again placed Kyiv-Mohyla Academy at the first place in their list of best universities, as well as they did the previous year.


On the Top 100 Ukrainian Lawyers List there are six Kyiv-Mohyla alumni.


The List of Top 100 Most Successful Women of Ukraine published by Novoie Vriemia Journal includes 7 alumnae of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.


  • Oksana Syroiid

  • Iuliia Kovaliv

  • Oksana Markarova

  • Ol’ha Kudinenko

  • Iuliia Tychkivs’ka

  • Inna Sovsun

  • Olesia Ostrovs’ka-Liuta


Alma Mater is proud of you!


Our Victories


At the 24th Publishers’ Forum in L’viv our publishing house Dukh i Litera received five awards, including first places at two nominations – Biography and City Special Award.

Several Kyiv-Mohyla alumnae became finalists of the VIII round of The Honor of Profession competition for journalists.

At the National Student Competition in Theoretical and Practical Psychology the students of the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Psychology received first awards in two nominations – the Young Scholar and the Best Experiment.

The Kyiv-Mohyla students received several awards at the National Competition of Student Research Projects organized by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine in the sphere of gender studies.


The Kyiv-Mohyla students are in the top places at the National Student Competition in Philosophy.

The team of Kyiv-Mohyla law students won the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition in Strasbourg – one of the most prestigious student contests in the sphere of Legal Studies. Our team also received The Best Applicant Written Submission Award, and our student Oleh Dykyi was awarded with The Best Orator Prize. Congratulations to The Best Team


  • Sofiia Kostomarova

  • Andrii Vlaiko

  • Oleh Dykyi

  • Mariia Novikova


And many thanks to their instructor Kyiv-Mohyla alumna Ol’ha Osadcha


Science and Research


A hundred years ago a very important event took place – the first Kurultai (national assembly) in the history of Crimea was convened. This date has a great historical significance for both Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians. Therefore an international scientific conference 100 Years of Kurultai: Past, Present, Future was organized by Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Ismail Gasparyns’kiy Science and Education Center of Crimean Studies, the Kyiv-Mohyla Program of International Relations, Social Communications and Regional Studies and Jean Monnet Center in European Union Law.


UNDP Ukraine and the Program of Ecology of Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Natural Sciences held an international conference The Role of Education in Achieving Sustainability in Ukraine by the Year 2030. The representatives of several international organizations gathered in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy with rectors and presidents of many Ukrainian universities to discuss the mission our educational institutions has in the light of modern social and cultural challenge.


As a result of cooperation of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the Eastern Europe Research Center at Justus Liebig University Giessen and Herder-Institut (Marburgh, Germany) the interdisciplinary project LOEWE The Regions of Conflict in Eastern Europe proved to be successful. The first results of the Project were presented at the international scientific seminar The New Approaches in Research of Conflicts in Eastern Europe that gathered leading specialists in history, linguistics, social and political studies.


The project on psychological and social support and help for the less defended social groups of the front-line zone conducted by UNICEF together with the Kyiv-Mohyla Center of Psychosocial Rehabilitation was successfully launched. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy provided an opportunity to join the Project to all the psychologist working at schools and colleges of the front-line zone, and published two editions of manuals for them.


The Kyiv-Mohyla Center of Urban Studies organized an international summer school Feminist Urbanism / Urban Feminism: the Principles of Gender-Oriented Planning. The courses took place at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the main focus area was the relations between gender and city in terms of sociology, geography, architecture, literature, etc.


Kyiv-Mohyla Academy received the Scopus Award Ukraine in Social Sciences. Our Academy has the greatest number of publications and citations in the spheres of economic, social and legal studies among Ukrainian universities.


There are 9 people from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy among 52 Fulbright Program finalists this year. Our finalists are going to continue their studies in Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and Pennsylvania State Universities, Universities of Kentucky and Syracuse, and other leading American higher schools.


Partnership and Strategic Projects

The Arterium Corporation held the Second Competition of Student Research Projects for the students of the Kyiv-Mohyla MA Programs in Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Laboratory Diagnostics of Biological Systems. This years finalists are (by respective the Programs):


  • Oleksandr Nikulin

  • Ivan Poliovyi

  • Dariia Iarynka


This year’s Charity Evening was one of the most massive events of such kind held lately in support of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Taking place at the Mystets’kyi Arsenal Cultural Center it assembled almost 300 of our partners and benefactors. Dr. Anne Applebaum gave a speech as an honorary lecturer of the Evening. All the money raised during the event are going to be invested into a Digital University Project development at NaUKMA. You can look a short presentation video of the Charity Evening on our YouTube Channel.


The third issue of the peer-reviewed English-language e-journal Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal was published thanks to the support of our partner Baker McKenzie (Kyiv Office). The topic of this issue is Civil Society in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine.


The First Vice-Prime-Minister and the Head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv has supported the restoration of the Kyiv-Mohyla Old Academic Building. He was one of the most active promoters of this project for the governmental support campaign, and also made a big personal donation. The Academy give many thanks to Mr. Kubiv!


The competitions for many grants issued by the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’s partners have taken place recently. The list of our partners who offered grants this year include:


  • Arterium Corporation

  • Ernst & Young

  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval

  • Dragon Capital

  • IBOX Bank

  • Taras Likarchuk

  • Pozniaky family

  • Mykhailo and Dariia Koval’s’ki

  • Hryhorii and Rozaliia Smoliarchuk

  • Prof. Mykola Koziubra

  • Ihor Tkachenko Fund

  • Western NIS Enterprіse Fund

  • Povir U Sebe (Believe in Yourself) Charity Fund


The Academy gives many thanks to all of you, our generous benefactors! Thanks for your support and your trust! Together we are making Ukrainian education better!


An American lawyer Halyna Traversa with the help of Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America launched an endowment to support the students and scholars at the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Law who are fighting for democracy in Ukraine.


The partners of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy are helping our scholars to present their achievements abroad. For example,


  • Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America sponsored a presentation by the Head of our Center of Psychosocial Rehabilitation given in Washington at the conference dedicated to the problem of ATO veterans’ rehabilitation;

  • and Dr. Martha Tsehel’s’ka gave the faculty of our Department of Natural Sciences a grant which allowed them to participate in international conferences and internships.


The process of restoration of our Old Academic Building (also called Mazepa Building after the first benefactor who donated money to construct it) have reached a new horizon. This year the first stage of renewing works was finished due to the financial help of Ukrainian government and the great support of many Academy’s friends – students, professors, alumni and internal benefactors, including the participants of the 2011 Restoration Fair. If the support we have received continues for a couple of years more, the Old Academic Building is going to become a wonderful cultural center with an art gallery, conference rooms, areas for touristic and educational activities and a big scientific library. Today we are working on the preparation for capital interior rebuilding and infrastructural changes, also on moving our book collections and archive to the new venue.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine signed a statement about cooperation. This agreement opens a lot of scientific, educational and practical perspectives to the Academy. For example, an opportunity for an internship in the General Prosecutor’s Office are going to be opened for the Kyiv-Mohyla law students.


The 25th Kyiv-Mohyla Career Fair took place on the 31st of March. 22 leading companies, both Ukrainian and international, came to the Academy in search of young perspective specialists. Many of these companies have been our partners for several decades already, and our students have always satisfied them perfectly.


The Arterium Corporation is one of our constant strategic partners, they have been supporting the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Natural Sciences for several years now, for which the Academy is very grateful. This year Arterium organized the first Research Projects Competition for our students. The aim of the Competition is to stimulate and develop scientific activity at the Department of Natural Sciences. Daria Iarynka, Ol’ha Klochkova and Anna Kalashnyk – congratulations on being our first winners!


Many thanks to the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America and specifically to Dr. Maria Fischer-Slysh Endowment Fund, who transferred 218 225 UAH for the needs of Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Natural Sciences this year. With their help our Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Biology purchased a thermocycler (DNA amplifier) which gives our researchers an opportunity to use the most modern technologies in their work (today they are studying the genetic structure of wheat).

International Activity


The Institute of German Law was opened at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. It is going to give courses in basics of private and public law in German and English languages. The Institute also has a great scientific potential, it is going to work on comparative studies of Ukrainian and German Law.


The students of the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Law represented Ukraine at The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Our team received the 26th place, which marks them as top law students in the World considering the general number of participants – 600 teams from best universities. The speeches of our students also received good scores at the Competition of Orators. Here we must note that the Academy was able to send her representatives to Washington only due to the financial support of her benefactors.


10 international speakers took part in the meetings, discussions, open lectures and presentations organized by Kyiv-Mohyla Academy this spring. The list includes:


  • Dr. Joanna Szostek (Royal Holloway, University of London)

  • Bertrand Coste, Director of The Search Foundation (TX, USA)

  • Chad Vickery, Director of Center for Applied Research and Learning at The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES, VA, USA)


The results of a complex social research based on the opinion poll The Future of Occupied Territories in the Donbas: Possible Variants was presented at the University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano) and at the General Consulate of Ukraine in Milan by the Kyiv-Mohyla professor Oleksii Haran’ (Department of Political Studies) and two of our alumni – Mykhailo Minakov (Department of Philosophy, 1996) and Oleksii Sydorchuk (Department of Political Studies, 2009).


The anti-corruption initiative StopFake launched by the team of Kyiv-Mohyla professors, students and alumni received a number of positive reviews in leading international mass media, including The New York Times and CNN.


Anti-corruption and PhD mobility – a common project of the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Finance and the Norwegian School of Economics (Norges Handelshøyskole) – held an international research symposium. 30 Norwegian students and 25 from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy gathered to discuss the problem of fighting corruption and shadow economy.

Changing Ukraine


The Kyiv-Mohyla student Vasyl’ Antoniak was presented with one of the most prestigious national awards – Third Class Order for Courage “for personal courage which he proved by defending the sovereignty and integrity of the State of Ukraine, and for dedication to his service to the people of Ukraine” as it is sated in the President’s Decree No 60/2017. The Academy is proud to have such Heroes among her students!


The summer school Public Health Care Transformation: Eastern Europe 2017 organized by the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Public Health gathered more than 80 experts. This School has been working for 4 years now and it is still the only educational platform where professional administrators can gain knowledge in the spheres of health care strategy, economy and management.


Kyiv-Mohyla Academy started a cooperation with The «UkrTronics» Project – the first institution in the Eastern Europe that organizes an introduction into the latest Silicon Valley achievements for schoolchildren. This Project was launched by the initiative of the Kyiv-Mohyla alumna Svitlana Khutka (Department of Sociology, 2004).


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