Ukraine's Oldest University Celebrates its 400 Year Anniversary


Looking forward to another 400 years of development and achievement


During the four hundred years of its existence, the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy has been through times of prosperity and neglect, unprecedented intellectual rise and bitter defeats.

The history of our university, its mission and vision are deeply rooted in the history of Ukraine, depends on it and influences it at the same time. During its long history, the Academy and its graduates played a crucial role in the most significant historical events in Ukraine.

In 1991, re-opened Kyiv-Mohyla Academy became a symbol of the revival of Ukraine. Since then our university actively contributed to the eradication of the old Soviet habits in the country. Nowadays, in times of war and great social transformations, after the Revolution of Dignity, Ukrainian society has a huge demand for reforms, change of the previous development paradigm, formation of a new national identity. Kyiv-Mohyla is in the forefront meeting all of these demands.
Dozens of our colleagues now work in government, public and business organizations/ They create new rules, a new model of "state-society" relations. NaUKMA is an initiator and author of the vast majority of educational reforms that took place in independent Ukraine. It is important for the country, it is important for all of us.

After all, we are convinced that education and science are a basis and guarantee of stable development and prosperity of the county in the modern civilized conditions. Marking the 400th anniversary of our Alma Mater, we look ahead with confidence for the next 400 years of future development and achievements.

Ukraine is now living through a period of global change and global confrontation, so the key success factors for our country are innovative development and human capital. Now, more than ever, prosperity of the country depends on a person - competent, critical thinking, proactive and responsible. This is where Kyiv-Mohyla community implements its primary mission: “to form highly educated, patriotic, honest, caring and creative personalities, able to think independently and act responsibly in accordance with the universal principles of kindness and justice for development of an open and democratic society."

As an organization, the university will develop primarily as an innovative research institution of the XXI century, which facilitates implementation of the idea of ​​enlightened Ukrainian nation, as an equal member of the international academic community. In this context we see our duty as the creation of new knowledge, ideas and meanings, innovative research, competitive in a global context.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Kyiv-Mohyla Academy!

Andriy Meleshevych

President of NaUKMA

400th Anniversary Programme


21-22 The Second International Science Practical Business Forum “Business, Education and Science: Vectors of Cooperation” - Faculty of Economic Sciences

21-22 The Tenth Interdisciplinary Conference “Philosophy. New Generation” for students and PhDs - Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

22-23 Ukrainian Conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists “The Language Area of Slavic World” - Department of General and Slavonic Linguistics



03 Art Project “The Faces of Freedom” - international exhibition of artworks in the name of Ukrainian history events (2014-2015) - Gallery of O. Zamostyan

04-05 Scientific Student Conference - School of Health - in the scope of Science Days

09 The Premier of the Singing Oratorio of Y. Alzhneva “After the Milky Way” at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine

27 “KMA400Fest: Welcome Home!” - the first street festival for KMA alumni and all Mohyla community. Organizers: KMA alumni Association and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

17 Interdisciplinary PhD Colloquium “Ex fontibus - To the sources” - NaUKMA Doctoral School




15 -20 Presentation of postmark dedicated to the 400th anniversary of NaUKMA

15 – 20 Presentation of the National Bank of Ukraine coin dedicated to the 400th anniversary of NaUKMA

26 Choral music festival with the participation of Ukrainian choirs (Assembly Hall of the 1st building, room. 1-217)

30 Scientific seminar "Language is the soul of the people" dedicated to the 80th anniversary of V.A. Peredriyenko - Department of General and Slavic Linguistics - within the scope of Science Days

30 Opening of the exposition "Mogilyanka: four centuries of history" at the Museum of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy


  • Personal exhibition of Igor Tsikura – A. Zamostyan Gallery (dates to be confirmed)
  • Exhibition of art studio “Antresolya” – A. Zamostyan Gallery (dates to be confirmed)




01 Fundraising dinner to the 400th anniversary of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

09 "Language: Classic - modern - postmodern" – Ukrainian language Department and English Department

12 – 14 International Scientific Conference “Ad fontes” dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy (program)


15 Mohyla Festival:


1 pm “Clean Skovoroda”

2 pm  Student festival:


  • Presentation of the "Mohyla History" book and the photo-flashmob “Find Mogylyanka”
  • Festive KMArket
  • Flashmob “Mogylyanka unites”


2:30 pm Official gathering of NaUKMA employees


15 Gala Evening "Kyiv-MohylaAcademy’s role the history of Ukraine: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow". Director V.Troyitskyi. The first campus of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

16 Festive concert from all the faculties


  • Presentation of Encyclopedia "Kiev Theological Academy (1819-1924) in the names" v.1
  • Students street performance "World cathes the Heart" - Kyiv Mohyla Theater Center "Pasika". Directed by Tatiana Shuran – CAC (Cultural Art Center) (date to specification)
  • “Mohyla Intercession” - an exhibition of sacred art dedicated to the alumnus of Kyiv Mohyla Academy - A. Zamostyan Gallery (dates to specification)
  • Concert of Western and Ukrainian musical compositions of XVI-XVIII centuries. - Antique Music Ensemble of NaUKMA (dates to specification)





09 -15 “Letters: Academy "- an exhibition of works, lectures on the history and current state of Ukrainian literature and printing, master classes - M.Koval'chuk - A. Zamostyan Gallery





Presentation of Encyclopedia "Kiev Theological Academy (1819-1924) in the names" v.2 (dates to be confirmed)





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