Serhiy Kvit's Statment on behalf of the Mohyla Community

From the first days of the war, the city of Mariupol has been heroically defended by the fighters of the Azov regiment. Among them are our alumni, the alumni of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. 


The last bastion of resistance — the Azovstal plant is shelled daily from naval and ground artillery, tanks, and bomber aircrafts of the Russian invaders. There are still hundreds of civilians sheltered at the plant, including children, and thousands of the military, including 700 wounded soldiers who need immediate medical care.  


The situation is desperate: the people sheltered at Azovstal are running out of food, they have no drinking water, and the number of safe bomb shelters is decreasing. The civilians and soldiers are dying every day. 


Both civilians and soldiers urgently need help! We appeal to international organizations, world politicians, and diplomats to put pressure on Putin, to help organize ‘green routes’ for ALL the people from Azovstal: civilians, military personnel, the wounded, and the dead. 


To stop the bloodshed and death, the Ukrainian soldiers at Azovstal are ready to surrender to a third country and remain in that country until the end of the war. 


We need our heroes alive! 


On behalf of the Mohyla Community -  

Serhiy Kvit,  

president of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy 



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