Center for Membrane Research



Director: Anatoliy Flavianovych Burban,

PhD, Professor


Building 2, Room. 401

Tel. (044) 425-33-93

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The center was created in 1998.


The main research branches of the center include:

- Fundamental and applied research in baromembrane processes and membrane distillation;

- Development of the methods of creation of the new types of functional membranes (bactericidal, charged, hydrophilic, hydrophobic) for nano-, ultra- and microfiltration and membrane distillation;

- Development of methods of the biocompatible polymers synthesis.




Center for Membrane Research works in several main research directions.


Development and exploration of membranes with special features: charged, matrix, biocompatible, biocatalytic, and the study of their dividing and functional characteristics.


Development of the modern membrane technology to extract valuable components from underground and mineral waters.


Development and implementation of the integrated water treatment technology, for the water containing oil emulsions and fats. The aim of this research direction is to develop and implement an integrated membrane technology for purification and regeneration of wastewater and technical water from the trucking, metal, pharmaceutical, and food industries.


Development of the semipermeable membranes with the bacteriostatic effect for the water treatment systems. Getting new ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and inversely osmotic membranes with bacteriostatic functions for the processes of drinking water production.



- The Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the NAS of Ukraine (48 Kharkivske Highway, 02160, Kyiv, Ukraine)

- The Institute of Surface Chemistry of the NAS of Ukraine (17 Generala Naumova St., 03164, Kyiv, Ukraine).

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