School for Policy Analysis



Yakovlev 2018

Head – Maksym YAKOVLYEV,

PhD in Political Science,

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science



8/5 Voloska vul., Kyiv,

building 4, room 424 (4th floor)


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The School for Policy Analysis NaUKMA is a modern analytical center that is an integral part of the intellectual environment of NaUKMA; it successfully implements the latest scientific achievements into Ukrainian analytical sphere.



Promotion of high-quality, evidence-based decisions on the basis of methodologically sound analytics, especially in the areas of countering populism, information security and youth education policy.



The School for Policy Analysis NaUKMA was founded in 2001 as a project at the Center for National Security Studies. However, since the SPA activity was very successful, the entire Center for National Security Studies was then reformatted and got the name of the School for Policy Analysis NaUKMA.


During 2001-2014, the School actively went through a process of active development and joined the all-Ukrainian and then international analytical environment. For example, the SPA annually prepared analytical reviews of Ukraine for the publication of “Nations in Transit”, based on which the international organization “Freedom House” stated the position of Ukraine in the corresponding rating.


From 2014 on to the present day the School for Policy Analysis NaUKMA focuses its attention on the urgent problems that arose by the fact of the annexation of Crimea, Russian military aggression in the East of Ukraine, the information warfare, the spread of the phenomenon of populism and the intensification of its negative effects.


Research Topics

Research Topics of the School for Policy Analysis at NaUKMA:

1. Countering populism

Analysis of populism as a discourse and a "thin ideology", revealing its indicators and further development of an effective strategy to counteract this phenomenon.


2. The ideology of the "Russian world" and the Ukrainian view on the inner-political processes in Russia

A search for and analysis of ideological indicators of the "Russian world" in mass culture, particularly in cinematography. The study of various mechanisms of how these ideas are being spread ideas – via language, cinema, mass media, the Russian Orthodox Church – and an analysis of how influential they are in Ukraine. Monitoring and research of political processes within Russia: from the policy of the current regime to the activities of various oppositional political forces.


3. Ideological re-integration of the Donbas and Crimea

Monitoring of the processes that take place in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donbas in order to find ways of their ideological reintegration into Ukraine. Preparation of analytical materials to facilitate the reintegration of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.


4. Youth education policy

The possibility of implementation of non-formal educational initiatives in various fields in Ukraine.


5. Activities of think tanks in Ukraine and in the world

Preparation and drafting of suggestions on how to improve analytical products through the study of the experience of advanced analytical centers both in the university environment and in the non-governmental sector.

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