Interdisciplinary Anti-corruption Research and Education Centre



The Executive Director:

Oksana Nesterenko

PhD in Law

Law School (building 4), room 328,

tel. (044) 425 77 74

cell phone +380978687696

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Anti-corruption Research and Education Centre at National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”  was established in 2015


Mission and goals






National Anticorruption Research and Education Centre will provide short-term and long-term interdisciplinary practical training programs and research aimed to prepare a new generation of Ukrainian professionals in anti-corruption field as well as to conduct high-quality interdisciplinary anti- corruption research for good governance and state building in the country.


The educational programs will train policy makers, journalists, investigators, lawyers, civil society activists, civil servants through short-term practical courses and long-term Masters degree program in anti-corruption and state building field.


Research and Trainings will be tailored in a very practical way to provide quick professional expert supply to the high demand for anti-corruption related reforms and changes in Ukraine. Mobilized activists across the country with different professional background will be armed with practical professional anti-corruption tools.

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