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The experimental study laboratory Law Clinic was founded is the late 1990th by the initiative of Volodymyr Sushchenko, the Dean of the Department of Law of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy at that time. With an active support of the students of the Department this experiment started in 1999 and gained the official status of a consulting center on May 11th 2000. One of the first events held by the Clinic was a training session organized in cooperation with the Law Schools of England and Welles. This session played a big role in the Clinic’s foundation process.


Our Goals

Today the Law Clinic is functioning as a base for student practice at the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Law. The students of the Department of Law are taking their mandatory practical course here, and also the Clinic serves as a working platform for the elective Law Practicum available for the students of all departments of the Academy.

Besides the educational function – providing the students with the necessary practice – the Clinic has a important social goal – it gives legal assistance and consulting to the vulnerable social groups free of charge.


Our Activity

The main functions of the Law Clinic’s activity are

  • providing legal aid in different branches (with exception of criminal law)
  • organizing conferences, seminars, trainings in law and legal education
  • organizing popular introductory courses in law for primary schools, colleges and social institutions


The Clinic provides free legal aid in the spheres of

  • defense of the constitutional rights of individuals and organizations
  • civil, housing, family, labor law and social justice
  • legal regulations of business and investment activity
  • defense of the right of children
  • etc.


All the services are regulated by the principles of confidence and professional ethics. The students are working here under the supervision of their trainers – experienced professional lawyers.

The Clinic maintains close working relations with multiple governmental structures of different levels and NGOs. The list of our constant partners include

  • Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine
  • International Charity Foundation for Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Restoration
  • OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine
  • Renaissance International Foundation
  • American Bar Association
  • Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation
  • Legal Century Organization (Юридична Сотня)
  • Vifania Social Service
  • etc.



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