Jerzy Buzek delivered a lecture at the NaUKMA

Lecture of Jerzy Buzek, President of European Parliament (2009-2012) “European Union and Ukraine: Which Europe we are striving for”, which took place at NaUKMA on September 14, attracted high interest and enthusiasm among the NaUKMA students, faculty and guests.


The NaUKMA honorary guest, who is often referred to as an “Advocate of Ukraine” in EU, mentioned that it is impossible to imagine Ukraine without Europe and Europe without Ukraine. The countries of nowadays Europe, Ukraine and Poland among them, has to launch a new era of cooperation and understanding. Appealing to Academy students, President Buzek expressed his belief, that younger generation, especially those among them, who have wide possibility for development and freedom of choice, should play a key role in this process.

 Since the moment Ukraine gained its independence, all Ukrainian citizens bear huge responsibility for it: it is impossible to take your independent state for granted, it is necessary to struggle for it every day. It is Kyiv-Mohyla Academy students and faculty, who probably realize this necessity better that somebody else – proper social motivation and life orientations are natural part of the educational process at NaUKMA. It is Academy’s task to educate personalities, who would  take personal responsibility for their nation and state. And EU needs such active and responsible youth.     

According to the President Buzek’s words, EU is currently building out a powerful civil society, first of all the one in the people’s minds, not only the one with proper institutional arrangements: “It could happen that on our way we were missing many opportunities, but we have gained our experience and we never gave up, - President Buzek stated. – The world has changed a lot: in 1980th I could not even imagine that the USSR would collapse. But this happened. We have to remember our past, but also have to build together the area of democracy and freedom”.  At the end of the meeting the University honorary guest emphasized that some states became really strong only when they were united.

President Buzek has also accepted an invitation to join the Club of International Friends of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

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