Kyiv-Mohyla Academy versus Ministry of Education

Marta Farion, the President of Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America, in her article for Kyiv Post provides details regarding the lawsuit filed by Kyiv-Mohyla Academy against the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.


"According to Ukraine’s Ministry on Higher Education requirements, a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in physics can only apply to a master’s program in physics, a history student to a master’s level studies in history.

A master’s candidate with a finance specialty does not have the right to apply for a program in economic theory, a specialist in culture cannot cross over to philosophy, and so on. This absurd approach violates multidisciplinary and mobility strategies that are practiced in the European Union’s sphere of higher education and throughout the world.

The result is that Ukraine’s education laws hold individuals hostage, preventing personal, academic and professional development, and causing scorn from the rest of the academic world", - is stated in the article.


Full text of the article is available at Kyiv Post web-page.

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