NaUKMA Students' Strike

On Tuesday, November 26, at 11.30 NaUKMA students gathered at the University square of the first campus and declared a strike to support Ukraine’s Eurointegration.


Striking students demand of the President of Ukraine Victor Yanykovych to sign the EU Association Agreement at the Vilnius Summit on 28 November 2013.  Till Monday, December 2, striking students refuse attending lectures; they also declare their intention to join EuroMaidan, peaceful protest against the Ukrainian Government’s decision to put on hold preparations for signing the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

Studies at NaUKMA are not cancelled for the striking period, and classes will be held for all students not participating in the strike.

University Administration supports the demands of students as well as their intention to participate in the EuroMaidan. On Saturday, November 23, NaUKMA community, in the context of current political situation in Ukraine, published a declaration on support of Ukraine’s Eurointegration and stated: “Today, all conscious citizens of Ukraine are declaring their geopolitical choice in a constitutional way, thus contributing to signing the Association Agreement. We also strongly emphasize that, together with all citizens of free Ukraine, we are ready to defend our choice in accordance with our constitutional rights and civic awareness.”

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