Ukrainian Protest Project

has renewed investigation in-light of the current mass-protests taking place in Ukraine and invites for cooperation.



Principal Investigator (2007-2013) Dr. Olga Onuch,  University of Oxford, Nuffield College

Co-investigator (2013) Dr. Tamara Martsenyuk, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy


The Project:

The Ukrainian Protest Project involves a group of researchers at the University of Oxford, Harvard University and National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, who have been conducting research on protests in Ukraine since 2007. We have renewed our investigation in-light of the current mass-protests taking place in Ukraine.


Current Study:

Our team of 20 canvassers -  have been surveying protest participants since the 28th of November, for two hours a day. We employ a random sampling technique. We have already completed 988 surveys (and they are on-going) and we have 5 focus groups set up with approximately 8-10 participants in each. The survey will be expanded to other regions and cities and focus groups will be conducted in 10 cities across Ukraine.


 Preliminary Findings:

The main preliminary finding is that "social networks and NOT social media" seem to be central in mobilizing and connecting protest participants. 'Ordinary Citizens' are motivated to join more by personal contacts, telephone calls, and e-mails, rather than Facebook and VKontakte invites. Secondly, the average age of protesters is 36.



These findings are highly significant because it goes against the mainstream opinion of the media and other analysts who are focusing on the "power of Facebook and hashtags" as well as, on the student or "millennials" revolution. 


 If you are going to use these findings please reference it accordingly: Onuch, O. 2013, Ukrainian Protest Project. First Report. As referenced on BBC World Service "World Have Your Say" .


 This research is linked to Olga Onuch's book that is forthcoming with Palgrave MacMillan in early 2014. "Mapping Mass Mobilizations: Understanding Revolutionary Moments in Argentina and Ukraine". 

If you are interested in our progress, results or would like to contribute to the research, become part of the team, or collaborate with us please send us an e-mail at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .



Dr. Olga ONUCH (DPhil Oxon) 

NEWTON FELLOW (in Comparative Politics)

Nuffield College & SIAS

University of Oxford

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