On the Events in Ukraine

The bloody events of February 18-19 have moved Viktor Yanukovych's regime to a position outside of the law. Ukraine's authorities have begun a war against their own people, who have been defending their dignity and their rights.

Therefore, we call on:

           - Our compatriots - to stop the fratricide and bloodshed;

           - Police authorities – not to comply with criminal orders, and to remember the oath of enlistment they made to the people of Ukraine;

           - Ukrainian officers – to recall their honor and dignity and to protect the lives of their compatriots, the sovereignty of Ukraine, and to defend the Ukrainian people from the onslaught of dictatorship;

           - University academic communities – to stop the study process until the bloodshed is over.


Glory to Ukraine!



On behalf of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy:


Serhiy Kvit

Vyacheslav Bryukhovetskyy

Volodymyr Vasylenko

Lyudmyla Dyachenko

Volodymyr Morenets

Vasyl Ozhogan

Volodymyr Panchenko

Larysa Chovnyuk

Natalia Shumkova

Tetiana Yaroshenko

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