Statement of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy on Bringing Russian Troops to the Territory of Ukraine

On the 1st of March, 2014, troops of Russian Federation were brought to the territory of Ukraine violating all statutes of international law. Russian troops occupy Ukrainian military and administrative facilities, provoke civilian confrontation in different regions of Ukraine and try to stimulate Ukrainian people to trigger off war. We do consider such activities infringement of territorial integrity and sovereignty of independent state and an attempt of forcible takeover of Ukrainian territory. We are convinced that there is no reasons for such actions, and consider those actions unallowable. Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine do not suffer any discrimination on the grounds of ethnic or language, their rights and liberties are not violated, and they do not need any support or protection from foreign countries. Neither Ukrainian nor Russian people need war for good-neighborly relations and mutually beneficial coexistence.


We demand of Russia to withdraw her troops and to keep out of internal affairs of sovereign Ukraine in future.


We are convinced that the newly formed government of Ukraine is able to provide constitutional rights and liberties of Ukrainian citizens, to guarantee safety of Ukrainian military forces defending now their state, so no life would be lost anymore.


We call on our Russian colleagues, scholars and university communities: do not stand idly, prevent disinformation on the events in Krimea and Ukraine, declare your public position and convey it to the government of Russian Federation, support Ukrainian people!


We call international academic community and scholars all over the world for declaring their position and contributing to peaceful settlement of the situation.


We call on all international organizations to prevent occupation and development of full-scale military conflict.


In these days, Ukraine and every one of its citizens defend not only their independence, but also principles of freedom and democracy in the whole Europe. We must defend them together!


Glory to Ukraine!



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