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NaUKMA held a Charity Event on April 4


The Event was aimed at fundraising for priority projects of university strategic development, including Networks of the 21st century, Development of NaUKMA Doctoral School, and NaUKMA Per-Review Journals in English.


In spite of a difficult political situation and considerable tension in the society, over 150 guests accepted the invitation from NaUKMA. Among them, there were politicians, businessmen, public figures, alumni, including Minister of Economic Development and Trade Pavlo Sheremeta, Minister of Education and Science Serhiy Kvit, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Ostap Semerak, Vice-Minister of Economic Development and Trade Roman Katchur, Head of Donetsk Region State Administration Serhiy Taruta, Head of EU Mission to Ukraine Jan Tombinski, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Ukraine Alain Remy,  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Ukraine Henryk Litwin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Austria to Ukraine Wolf Dietrich Heim, Head of the Board of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Volodymyr Lavrenchuk, Head of the Board of Mondelēz Ukraine Taras Lukachuk, and others.


 The Event was held at the Museum of Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine (Desyatynna Str., 12).


Opening the Event, NaUKMA Honorary President Vyacheslav Briukhovetskyi said: “I understand that we all – students, professors, alumni – are doing the same big work; we even are not totally aware yet how important it is. In 1992, Serhiy Kvit sad a very important thing to that year’s freshmen: Not you chose this university, but Ukraine chose you to study here. I want that most members of Kyiv-Mohyla community accept for them, as I did for myself, the Ernest Hemingway’s words: “A man can be destroyed but not defeated”. Nobody will ever defeat us, because we are Mohyliantsi, because we are Ukrainians. All putins will fall into oblivion, and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy has educated the generation which will  show what’s what to everyone”.


 The honorary speaker of the event, a well-known Polish journalist and public intellectual, NaUKMA Honorary Professor Adam Michnik visited Ukraine specially to support NaUKMA. According to Mr. Michnik, Ukraine today is the most important country for Europe: “What happened in Kyiv is the greatest moment of the senses of European values display, as hundreds of thousands people at Maidan were struggling for their national and human dignity. Nobody of us knows what is going to happen now, but everyone understands that the future of Europe depends on the future of Ukraine. It is a big honour for me to meet you today, because the words freedom, leadership, innovations are really significant words. Even if there is anywhere a master of freedom and innovations, and a leader, then that is the Ukrainian people, especially the representatives of Kyiv-Mohyla community”.


 The guests were also presented a concert in a unique Kyiv-Mohyla style – a partner project from Liubomyra Burlachuk (Kyiv-Mohya Business School) and Maestro Volodymyr Sirenko, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Laureate of Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine.


The short intellectual and musical programme under participation of the National Chamber Ensemble Kyiv Soloists included Liubomyra’s reflections about Kyiv-Mohyla Academy as a founder of the spiritual and cultural basis for integration and resurrection of Ukraine, and the musicians’ heartfelt playing of the Concert for two violins and orchestra D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, Sentimental Sarabande from the Simple Symphony by Benjamin Britten, and Divertissement C bemol Major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


The Soloists: the Concertmaster of the Ensemble, Laureate of international competitions Taras Yaropud and Laureate of international competitions Mykhailo Bilytch.


The Charity Event launched the Charity Campaign to be held under the same motto and dedicated to the 400th anniversary of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 2015. All the funds, raised within the Event (1 434 182 UAH) will be directed to the three projects which are now priorities for NaUKMA further development, namely Networks of the 21st century, Development of NaUKMA Doctoral School, and NaUKMA Per-Review Journals in English.


We will keep informing you about the development of the Fundraising Campaign. The reports on allocations of the raised funds will be published on our web-site.


Kyiv-Mohyla Academy expresses deep gratitude to the companies and people who contributed to the organization of the Charity Event and the Campaign in general.


Organizational sponsors of the events:

1. Dmytro and Valeria TARABAKIN

2. Raiffeisen Bank Aval

3. Mondelēz Ukraine (till 2014 Kraft Foods Ukraine)

4. Tangram group of companies

5. PBN Нill+Knowlton Strategies

6. CMS Cameron McKenna

7. ITT Investment Group

8. EBS Consulting Firm

9. PRP Ukraine

10. Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine Museum


 Partners of the Projects:


1. Microsoft

2. Oleksandr and Raisa Yukhymenko (Canada)




1. Власть денег

2. Инвест газета

3. Комп&ньон

4. Дзеркало тижня

5. KyivPost

6. BusinessUkraine



Many guests of the Event declaired their intention to support Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’ projects also in future.

One of the guests of the Event, NaUKMA alumnus Serhiy Sereda, declared his decision to donate 30 000 UAH to support NaUKMA Per-Review Journals in English.


The Charity Campaign Freedom. Leadership. Innovations. We Create the Future Together goes on.

All the events to be held within the Campaign will be announced at NaUKMA web-site and the web-site of the Campaign.


Thank you again for your support!


We are convinced that altogether we can do the things which we would never do if trying alone!


Sincerely yours,

Kyiv-Mohyla Community


Photogallery of the Event

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