The Convocation Day

On June 28, which is the Day of Ukrainian Constitution, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy held the 20th Graduation Ceremony.



In 2014, 945 students graduated from NaUKMA, including 472 Bachelors, 84 Specialists, and 389 Masters. First at NaUKMA, Master’s Diplomas on Jewish Studies and Laboratory Diagnosis of Biological Systems were granted.


Speaking at the Graduation Ceremony, NaUKMA Acting President Volodymyr Morenets said: We had a hard year, which was year of treason against national interests and year of national proud, time of grief and joy. We are sincerely proud of you. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy has passed this year with dignity. The light of Academy did not fade, our hearts did not fail us, and our will led us to the first victory. We still have so much to do. And my heart today is faltering in tumult and joy, when I see you standing at the entrance of this world, full of contradictions.


Serhiy Kvit, Minister of Science and Education of Ukraine, NaUKMA President in 2007-2014, wished new victories to NaUKMA graduates: In the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, you studied, found new friends, felt in love, and you won the Revolution of Dignity. Now, the rules functioning here, in our Academy, will extend over other Ukrainian universities. I would like to wish that you count the further run of your life from the victory you won in this revolution, so you could go from one victory to the next one. I wish you every success, realization of all your plans, and good luck!


NaUKMA Honorary President Vyacheslav Briukhovetskyi also had a valedictory for graduates: It is an extraordinary day for all of us, it is full of hopes, joy, worries and pain. It is the first time we are holding the Convocation, our Graduation Ceremony, under circumstances of factual war. The war, raging today on our lands, began more than 300 years ago from destroy of Ukrainian spiritual values and killing people who implemented those values. This Convocation resonates with the first Convocation in the re-established Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, held directly upon the Constitution of Ukraine was passed through the Parliament. Today’s Convocation follows the signing of Ukraine’s Association with the EU. For such a short period we have made the pass which takes of some nations hundreds of years. Signing of the Association Agreement is not the end of the process, it is just a beginning of the hard work which we are to do, but we are sure that all who graduated from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy can do that. And we are proud that in the days when our state is in difficult situation, members of NaUKMA community also went as volunteers to our battalions at the west. Let’s wish them all life and happiness to all of us!


At the Graduation Ceremony, several prizes and grants were handed. Alina Khodko, this year graduate of Master’s Programme in Physics, was granted with Mykola Kravet’s Prize. Anton Chornyi Prize was decided to pass for needs of the Ukrainian Army. Professor Natalia Ivanova from the Faculty of Economics has won the grant “Multiplicator of Good”. Natalia Shumkova, the Manager of Alumni Affairs, was granted “Oberih” Prize for preserving NaUKMA spiritual and material values. The grant “Multiplicator of Good” and “Oberih” Prize were founded by NaUKMA alumnus of 2000 Oleksiy Tsebro, General Director of Tangram Ukraine.

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