Dr. Shklyar appointed Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine for Enforcement Service




Sergii Shklyar2

On 18 March 2015, by Order No.214-р of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Sergiy Shklyar, Dr. juris, Founding Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution, Antitrust and Competition at Arzinger Law Office, professor at the Faculty of Law at the NaUKMA was appointed Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine for Enforcement Service. His appointment is another proof of Arzinger's high-quality expertise and credibility level.


Sergiy Shklyar is one of the Founding Partners of Arzinger. Since 2002, he has put the maximum of knowledge and experience into the company's development and promotion. During 13 years, Arzinger's key practices grew under his guidance and supervision, including Dispute Resolution, Antitrust & Competition, Bankruptcy, White Collar Defense, Arbitration, and others. His main contribution to the company's success is the practice of dispute resolution, which became the largest one in the company.


"Sergiy and I have laid the foundation for Arzinger and have been leading it to success for many years. While the times are hard for Ukraine, we understand that the country needs real professionals to change the system. Therefore, Arzinger has decided to give up another key member of its team and thus to strengthen its contribution to the rule of law in the country. Sergiy's appointment to this responsible position is primarily an acknowledgment of his high-end expertise and experience as well as a demonstration of the high level of confidence deserved by Arzinger's team. We are sure that Sergiy will justify this trust and will do his best to prove his professionalism and managerial skills as Deputy Minister of Justice. We have undoubtedly had a hard time making this decision due to the fact that Sergiy represents one of the best practices on the legal market. At the same time, as our company has created outstanding expertise and a reliable team under the leadership of Sergiy Shklyar, we will continue developing this area, thus our clients will hardly notice any change. It goes without saying that Arzinger will always keep the door open for Sergiy, if he chooses to return to the private legal business," Timur Bondaryev, Managing Partner of Arzinger, comments. "Personally I, as well as my colleagues Markian Malskyy and Kateryna Gupalo, will be glad to answer any questions our clients may have on litigation. In turn, the practice of competition law will continue to actively develop under my direct guidance and Lana Sinichkina's supervision."

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