Mini Course by Alan Mintz “The Fiction of S. Y. Agnon, Noble Laureate”



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invite to a mini course by Alan Mintz


“The Fiction of S. Y. Agnon, Noble Laureate”


S. Y. Agnon (1887–1970) is the greatest Hebrew writer of the twentieth century. He grew up in Buczacz, in eastern Galicia, and many of his stories deal with the relations among Jews, Ukrainians, and Poles. Agnon emigrated to Palestine when he was twenty, and five years later he moved to Germany, where he spent eleven years, before settling in Jerusalem in 1924. His work spans the old world of the shtetl, the acculturating modernism of Western Jewry, and the Zionist revolution. What separates Agnon from other Israeli writers is his use of Jewish traditional texts and ideas as a resource for modern Jewish writing. The course will cover a representative sampling of his long career.


Alan Mintz is the Professor of Hebrew Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. His critical studies include “Hurban: Responses to Catastrophe in Hebrew Literature” (1985), “ʽBanished from Their Father’s Table’: Loss of Faith and Hebrew Autobiography” (1989), “Popular Culture and the Shaping of Holocaust Memory in America” (2001), “Translating Israel: Contemporary Hebrew Literature and Its Reception in America” (2001), and “Sanctuary in the Wilderness: A Critical Introduction to American Hebrew Poetry” (2011). He has recently edited “A City in its Fullness,” a volume of translations of Agnon’s Buczacz stories as well as a critical study of the stories.


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