Serhii Ivaniuk passed away

April 26 was the day of a sudden death – Serhii Ivaniuk – our friend, colleague and teacher – left us abruptly.

Anyone who have something to do with Kyiv-Mohyla Academy understand who grievous this loss is. Professor of Philology, great lecturer, wonderful writer, beloved teacher – this is all about him.

He was one of the forefathers of the restored Academy, along with Viacheslav Briukhovets’kyi and three others he was the one who gave new life to our Alma Mater.

When the Department of Humanities was organized, Professor Ivaniuk became its first Head, and during the years 1994-2000 he held the chair of the Kyiv-Mohyla Rector. Since November 1991 throughout his all life the Academy has been his dearest child.

Serhii Ivaniuk was one of our symbols, one of the pillars of the Kyiv-Mohyla spirit – and so he will remain in history.

Rest in Peace, our beloved Professor!

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