The Charity Evenings Supported by The Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America Became a Big Success This Year


The Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America organized two charity evenings – one in Chicago and one in the New York City – to collect money for the Digital University Project which is one of the key current strategic projects at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.


Among the speakers there were six of the Kyiv-Mohyla alumni

  • Ruslan Petrychka (BA in Political Sciences 1999, MA in Journalism 2003)

  • Oleksandr Starodubtsev (MBA at KMBS 2007)

  • Mariia Berlins’ka (Jewish Studies 2015)

  • Liubov Shypovych (Information Technologies 2007)

  • Oksana Ivants’iv (Law 2010)

  • Liubomyr Boichuk (Information Technologies 2005)

    and the Vice Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine

  • Uliana Suprun


Dr. Suprun in her speech dedicated to the reforms of medical sphere in Ukraine payed special attention to the role of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’s community: she stressed the active involvement of our alumni in the work of her Ministry, and even expressed the hope that one of them is going to be the President of Ukraine one day.


Four of the participants are activists of reforms in the sphere of information technologies:

  • Oleksandr Starodubtsev manages the platform for transparent public purchase ProZorro

  • Ruslan Petrychka fights against fake news and disinformation with the famous StopFake initiative

  • Liubov Shypovych develops innovations in the sphere of social networks by launching a number of projects (RAZOM is the most widely-know among them)

  • Liubomyr Boichuk is a Vice President of the INFOPULSE Company

All of them made inspiring TED-talks about their work.


Mariia Berlins’ka had a hard path to walk – she joined the Aidar Battalion as a volunteer before even finishing her studies at the Academy, became one of the first women on the front line and then one of the most active reformers in the military sphere. She is also one of the authors of a documentary about the women like her, who fight in the Ukrainian-Russian War, entitled The Invisible Battalion. This movie is now traveling around Canada and USA with a tour of presentations. The executive producer of the film Oksana Ivants’iv is also a Kyiv-Mohyla alumna, and she took part in the Charity Evenings as well.

All the alumni made an accent on the huge role Kyiv-Mohyla Academy played in the formation of their views and values, in the sharing of their personal and common “mohylianian” identity. They also focused on the importance of the Academy and its innovative projects for the life of Ukrainian society, and on the great long-term perspectives of this university.

Artist Olia Rodniak who came to join the Evenings in New York donated her picture Berlin to Kyiv for a Raffle for our innovative initiatives, and famous young singer Anastasiia Prychod’ko gave concerts at both New York and Chicago. By the way, Anastasiia renounced the prize she has received at the Russian competition The Stars Factory in 2007, after Russia started the war against Ukraine.


Here is what the President of The Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America Marta Farion told about the event:

During our events the Kyiv-Mohyla alumni proved that they are a real Ukrainian elite, intellectual, social, innovative elite, that they are all connected by the high spiritual values and great patriotism. This is no way an exaggeration. The talks by Ruslan Petrychka, Oleksandr Starodubtsev, Liuba Shypovych, Mariia Berlins’ka, Oksana Ivants’iv – this was the factor that created a warm, friendly and inspiring atmosphere of our Evenings, this is what made them super-successful!


The photos from the Evenings can be found here.


Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is extremely grateful to her benefactors for their trust and support!

This is an unbelievable luck to have such a great number of friends who share our values, principles and believes!


The Academy expresses many thanks to your partners

  • Mrs. Marta Farion and The Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America

  • Razom for Ukraine

  • Ukrainian Cultural Center, Chicago

  • Ukrainian Institute of America

  • Selfreliance Foundation

  • Heritage Foundation Chicago

  • Turkish Airlines

  • Dr. Uliana Suprun

  • all our donors and alumni who participated in the events

  • and the great team who organized them


Your support matters for Kyiv-Mohyla Academy! It really matters for Ukraine!

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