The Day of Blood Donors 2018 Took Place at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy


The Day of Blood Donors is a charity event held at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy twice every year. It was launched 9 years ago by the group of active students of the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Public Health – Iuliia Iaroshenko, Ihor Zhohov and Mariia Zakharchenko started it with the help of their professor Ihor Perehinets’, who used to work as at the World Health Organization. Today the same group is leading the Health Organization of Ukraine The Club of Blood Donors, which also involves a lot of the Kyiv-Mohyla alumni and students.

This year Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of Ukraine became one of the organizers of the Day of Blood Donors along with the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Public Health and the student society Kyiv-Mohyla Managers. The donors here are not payed for their participation, so the only motive for them to come and join this charity action is altruism. However, the organizers claim that every year there are more and more volunteers coming.


Here is a couple of comments from the Kyiv-Mohyla students, who joined this action:

I’m afraid, really, injection are nightmare to me. But still, I come, and the last year I also joined this Kyiv-Mohyla Day of Donors. I don’t enjoy this, but I think, it’s the way I may become useful, you know. It’s good for my own health – the blood is renewed and it’s a plus for my organism. And also it’s helpful for the society, because even though my group is very common, that means that there are a lot of people who need it, and I don’t think there’s enough of it, you know, there are many people in need. I think, if you may become helpful for the society – then why not?

Anastasiia Shamshyr, 2nd year Bachelor student, Department of Social Sciences and Social Technologies

That’s not my first time. But this time it was spontaneous. It happened, that I didn’t know the Day of Donors is today. But I came to the Academy in my studies business, and saw the people who are donating blood. And I always do this when I have a chance. This time is my fourth, I guess.

Ievhen Tatarenkov, 4th year Bachelor student, Department of Social Sciences and Social Technologies


Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is pleased with such a great number of active and caring people, and honored to be a part of such a useful charity project!

Wish good health to all of us!


A report by Olesia Dalebiha, 2nd year Master student, Department of Philology; Strategic Development Center


Photos from the event can be found here.

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