Short Release from the Session of Common Commission for the Research of Ukrainian-Polish Relationships in 1917-1921


The first session of the newly-found Common Commission for the Research of Ukrainian-Polish Relationships in 1917-1921 took place in Warsaw. This Commission was established by the initiative of two universities – Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the University of Warsaw and consists of the specialists from these two institutions. There are two heads of the Common Commission – Prof. Vladyslav Verstiuk (Kyiv) and Prof. Jan Jacek Bruski (Warsaw).

The first session was mainly dedicated to the critical analyses of the current historiography in the sphere of Ukrainian-Polish relations in the given period. Based on it the Commission members worked out a strategy of their further activity which includes two priority branches: making the source materials more available and launching a new research perspective which is going to take the international context into account and to consider the diversity of the inner points of view.

The Commission decided to start two new series of scientific publications about Ukrainian-Polish Relationships in 1917-1921 – one for the publication of primary sources and one for the research papers.

The nearest plans of the Commission include:

  • preparation of the guide on topical archives and library collections

  • organization of an international conference in Kyiv; preliminary title of the conference is 1918: in the Century of Independence. Ukraine and Poland in the International Regime Formation after World War I

  • preparation of a complex source publication Genesis of The Piłsudski-Petliura Argeement in two volumes – Vol. I Conferences and Negotiations Protocols and Vol. II Conferences Reports and Correspondence

  • working out an analytical bibliography of the current historiography (with a plan for separate publication)

  • development of the Common Commission’s web-site and the on-line reports about its current work

The next session is to take place in Kiev in the early December 2018.

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