NaUKMA Events to 35th Anniversary of Chornobyl Disaster

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy announces two webinars dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster. Registration is required, the number of participants is limited.


April 26th, 2021: Chornobyl: survive, understand, overcome


SPEAKER: Sergii Mirnyi, a radiation reconnaissance officer, writer and environmentalist.


The Chornobyl Disaster successful survivor-‘liquidator’, multidisciplinary researcher and award-winning writer, Sergii Mirnyi shares his singular personal and professional experience – the main lessons he has learnt from this epic case, their importance extending far beyond radiation and then-existing social system.


  • At first he will immerse the audience inside the Chornobyl zone of the first month after the explosion, using rare pictures of the liquidators’ (mitigation workers’) life and work, taken by Oleg Veklenko.
  • The main conclusions of the author’s quarter-century holistic Chornobyl studies and their important implications form the second part of the webinar.
  • The third topic is the evolution of Chornobyl representation in literature and art; comparative cultural history of the Holocaust and Chornobyl is briefly touched upon. Special attention is paid to memorialization and Chornobyl tourism as the means of the accident aftermath mitigation, and recovery of the affected areas, communities and individuals.


DATE and TIME: April 26th, 2021, 1:00 PM (CET) / 2:00 PM (Kyiv Time) via ZOOM


Form to fill in at the link:


Registration deadline: April 25th, 2021, 6:00 PM (CET) / 7:00 PM (Kyiv Time)


May 7th, 2021: Chornobyl Dreams: A Study on the Role of Narrative Imagination in Consumption Experience


SPEAKER: Veera Ojala, a graduate level sociology student who is currently living in Berlin; explorer of the potential of photography in social scientific research.


The lecture is going to discuss the Chornobyl exclusion from the point of view of story scape and heritage site where varying narratives which combine fantasy and factuality constitute a multi-layered composition of different remembering, representations and imaginaries.


Secondly, the lecture elaborates how different tourist groups engage with the site, bringing in tourist subjectivity and the construction of this heritage site through experiences and imagination. Based on the fieldwork of the author the lecture elaborates the ways in which visitors’ imaginaries and performances co-produce the Chornobyl exclusion zone and at the same time entail fluid and even conflicting narrative articulations on the site and its cultural significance. The lecture draws attention to the power of the physical place in tourist experience and the more intangible and experiential aspects of the heritage destination, through which the heritage is articulated and co-produced.


DATE and TIME: May 7th, 2021, 9:30 AM (CET) / 10:30 AM (Kyiv Time) via ZOOM


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Registration deadline: May 6th, 2021, 6:00 PM (CET) / 7:00 PM (Kyiv Time)

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