Sergiy Bogdanov, Head of the NaUKMA Center for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support lectured at Harvard University

On Wednesday, November 10, the Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI) of Harvard University hosted a co-lecture delivered by Kimberly Hook (Global Psychiatry Clinical Research Fellow from Boston University) and Sergiy Bogdanov (Head of the NaUKMA Center for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support) on the topic “Addressing Mental Health in Ukraine at a Time of Social Instability”.



Kimberly Hook and Sergiy Bogdanov provided an overview of the current state of research on mental health in Ukraine. They also discussed the critical need to better integrate mental health care into ongoing medical reforms. Speakers have presented their projects as successful cases of improving access to the evidence-based mental health care in schools and communities, in particular in Eastern Ukraine and in Kyiv; upgrading the skills of existing mental health providers through in-service trainings. Finally, Kimberly Hook and Sergiy Bogdanov reflected on the current national mental health policy in Ukraine, as well as on the recent legislation and its potential impact for mental health care access; they presented ideas on the following steps to modernize Ukraine’s mental health care, which are of critical importance for the country, navigating the effects of its recent history.



In his presentation, Dr. Bogdanov has also provided a detailed overview of all the ongoing efforts undertaken by NaUKMA to improve mental health access in Ukraine at different levels.



Lecturers’ Profiles:


Sergiy Bogdanov Head of the NaUKMA Center for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, Psychologist,, PhD in Psychology from Vienna Medical University. Marianne Ringler Laureate for in group psychology and cognitive psychology research. Member of Vienna Psychological Association (MPA) and UkrainianPsychotherapy.



Kimberly Hook Global Psychiatry Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Boston Medical Center/ Boston University School of Medicine/ Massachusetts General Hospital. Licensed psychologist and an applied clinical researcher with methodological expertise in implementation science and mixed methods.


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