Inside a war zone, another fight rages - for clean air: materials by Serhii Korovainy in the National Geographic

Serhii Korovainy, a faculty member at the Mohyla School of Journalism, a Ukrainian documentary photographer and portraitist, who focuses on ecology and conflict, published a photo project in the National Geographic. The National Geographic is a world-renowned media that handles environmental media and also tackles climate change issues.


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Serhii created the story of Mariupol over three years. During the project, he highlighted the problem of industrial pollution in the city and the battle for clean air by the environmental activists. He explored the lives of people in Mariupol residing near the two metallurgical giant plants; Ilyich and Azovstal.


Serhii Korovainy shared his impressions, “It has been my dream to publish my project in one of the best media in the world since I started thinking about a career in photojournalism in 2014. This did not last long, and his hands were openly lowered. But the history of Mariupol, with its factories and coasts, problems, opportunities, and, above all, people - in itself is noteworthy. And I am incredibly grateful to all the heroes and heroines, from residents and environmental activists to representatives of Metinvest, who let me in, told stories and allowed them to be told to the world."


The text for the article in National Geographic was written by Beth Gardiner, author of the world-famous book “Choked: Life and Breath in the Age of Air Pollution”. In “Choked” Beth Gardiner writes about air pollution around the world from an economic and political viewpoint. In “Inside a war zone”, Beth Gardiner documents the air pollution at Mariupol.


Link on the project in the National Geographic


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