Study International Law — Support Ukraine: New Certificate Program for International Students


The Law Faculty of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy invites to a new certificate program entitled “From Warfare to Lawfare: Legal Responses to Atrocity Crimes and other Violations of International Law”. The program provides a great opportunity to learn about current issues of international humanitarian and criminal law in the context of Russian aggression against Ukraine from the leading Ukrainian experts in these fields.


Can waging war ever be legal? How can we minimize harm to civilians in the course of hostilities? Where do we look for binding rules if there is no international penal code? What are the core international crimes, and who can prosecute them? How can we hold states and individuals accountable? What do the genocides committed in 20th – beginning of 21st century have in common? How do international actors use and misuse accusations of violations of international law to advance political aims? Is lawfare necessarily a negative concept or can it be used to achieve positive aims? How can persons and groups be protected in a hostile and turbulent world?

You will be able to discuss these and many other relevant questions in-depth and with academic scrutiny at our graduate level certificate program.


Our lecturers are Ukrainian leading international law scholars and practitioners. They have worked with the issues of international criminal and humanitarian law in different countries across the globe as well as provided expertise to national governments, NGOs, regional and international organizations and conducted legal research in prestigious academic institutions from Asia to America. Currently, they are deeply engaged in designing the legal responses to Russian aggression against Ukraine.


The certificate program is designed for international students, young researchers and practitioners. For the detailed information about the program structure and admission process please see the brochure or our web-page. To apply, please fill out the application form by 23:59 Kyiv time on 31 July 2024.


Support the leading Ukrainian university by arming yourself with strong knowledge in international criminal and humanitarian law.

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