Philosophy and Religious Studies


The Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies was established in 1992 with the aim of providing Bachelor and Master studies in the field of Philosophy, as well as teaching philosophical and religious studies disciplines for the Kyiv-Mohyla students of all specializations. A significant role in the formation of the Department belongs to its founder Doctor of Philosophy, Honorary Scientist and Technician of Ukraine Professor Vilen Gorsky (1931-2007), who was its leader in 1992-2000. In 2000-2007 the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies was developing under the direction of Associate Professor Valentin Gusev; after June 2007 the Department was headed by Doctor of Philosophy Professor Marina Tkachuk, and since September 2015 our new director is Doctor of Philosophy Professor Vadim Menzhulin.


The educational activity of the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies includes Bachelor program in Philosophy and the Master program in Philosophy. The model of philosophical education introduced and successfully tested by the Department provides a combination of a wide range of humanitarian and natural sciences with professional disciplines, it also implements the results of the latest scientific studies into the educational process. Professional philosophical training is carried out by the standards of the best domestic and foreign universities.


The convincing evidence of the high quality of professional training of our alumni is the fact that there are three doctors and more than thirty candidates of science among them. The students of the Department have reached success not only in professional research and teaching, but also in carrying out organizational, publishing, management, expert-consulting, design and analytical functions in various scientific and educational institutions, foundations, public organizations, publishing houses, etc.


Since the beginning of the its history the Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is actively cooperating with the leading domestic and foreign scholars and scientific institutions. During these years the list of the lectures at our Department included such prominent professors:

  • Paul Ricker (France, course Politics and Ethics)
  • Taras Zakidalsky (Canada, course Analytical Philosophy)
  • Roland Pich (Germany, course Medieval Philosophy)
  • Alan Watt (UK, courses British Empiricism, French Structuralism, Nietzschean Philosophy)
  • Elizabeth Matin (USA, course The History of Ideas)
  • Alexander Onofriychuk (Canada, course Religions of the World)
  • Jose Kazanova (USA, course Sociology of Religion)
  • James Young (USA, course Christianity and Religions of the World)
  • Andrew Nakorchevsky (Japan, course Religions of Japan)
  • Howard Biddulph (USA, course World Religions)
  • Svetlana Kobets (Canada, course Ascetic Imperative in Christian Culture)
  • Svetlana Vishnevskaya (Poland, course Methods of Critical Historical Analyses in Biblical Exegesis)
  • Henrik Zimon (Poland, course African Religious Traditions)
  • Mirko Vyske (Germany, course Actual Problems of Historical and Philosophical Knowledge)


For many years such well-known Ukrainian philosophers were the teachers at the Department:

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Myroslav Popovych (course Critical Thinking)

professors Sergei Krymsky (course Philosophy)

Anatoliy Kolodnyj (course Religious Studies)

Ada Bychko (course The History of Ukrainian Philosophy)

Tamara Yaschuk (courses The Philosophy of History, Social Philosophy, The Philosophy of Economy)


During the years of its existence the Department had a great authority not only as an educational institution, but also as a research center which formed a powerful school of philosophy and the history of philosophy. The teachers and post-graduate students of the Department systematically participate in research projects, make numerous scientific publications; they publish two professional periodical series: Scientific Notes of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Philosophy and Religious Studies (since 1996) and Magisterium: Historical and Philosophical Studies (since 1998), and conduct a lot of other scientific events at national and international levels.


The Kyiv-Mohyla Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies has a long-term scientific cooperation with

  • Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Philosophical Foundation
  • Institute of Philosophy at Rzeszow University (Poland)


Since 2009, the Department is a member of UNESCO International Inter-University Network Culture of Peace through Communication based on the cooperation under the UNESCO UNIT UNDP / UNESCO Department.


One of the important directions of the Department's activity is the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification. During the last ten years four doctoral and eleven candidate dissertations were completed and defended at the Kyiev-Mohyla Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. In 2009 Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies together with the Department of Literary Studies has developed and implemented an interdisciplinary PhD program in Philosophy and Literature. In 2016 Department of Philosophy and Religious developed a PhD program specialized in Philosophy at Yukhymenko Doctoral School of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the realization of this project has been launched recently.

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