Ukrainian business magazine and Ukrainian version of business magazine Forbes – recognised NaUKMA among the top Ukrainian universities.


The 14th annual ranking by was based on employers’ evaluation of the quality graduates from the Ukrainian universities in 6 subject fields: humanities, technologies, law, economics, civil engineering, and agriculture. Applying scale of 0 to 10, employers were evaluating the probability of offering highly paid jobs to the graduates of the particular Ukrainian universities. In 2021, Ukrainian employers were most likely to pay highest salaries to the NaUKMA graduates in humanities, economics, and law. Kyiv-Mohyla graduates in humanities got employers’ grade of 9,14, while NaUKMA was ranked the very 1st among the Ukrainian universities, preparing specialists in this subject field. By employers’ opinion, Academy was also the 1st (grade 8,63) in preparing high quality economists. With the grade of 8,25 Kyiv-Mohyla Academy was recognized within 3 best Ukrainian universities, preparing highly professional lawyers.


Ukrainian magazine Forbes ranked faculties as main Ukrainian universities’ academic units in 10 subject fields (law, social sciences, humanities, economics, hard sciences, natural sciences, medicine, computer sciences, management, and industry). The ranking was based on 4 criteria: number of students with the result 180 and higher of 200 for the external testing, requested for university admission (35%); national and international rankings of universities along with universities’ research and publication profile (25%); universities’ infrastructure (15%), and experts’ ranking of the universities in their subject fields (25%). In total Forbes ranked 100 Ukrainian universities’ faculties and all NaUKMA faculties appeared on top positions in their subject fields. NaUKMA Faculties of Economics and Law were ranked 2nd each among similar faculties in Ukraine. NaUKMA Faculties of Humanities and Computer Sciences were ranked on the 3rd positions, NaUKMA Faculty of Natural Sciences was recognized the 4th, while the NaUKMA Faculty of Social Sciences and Social Technologies appeared on the 6th position in Ukraine among the faculties, working in the same subject fields.


More to the point, Forbes made separate ranking of Ukrainian Business Education Institutions, where Kyiv-Mohyla Business School was placed at the 2nd position among top 5 Ukrainian business education institutions.


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