До НаУКМА продовжують надходити листи на підтримку нашої позиції та Євромайдану

Щойно надійшов лист від нашого партнера - Єнського університету імені Фрідріха Шиллера

Statement of Support for NaUKMA and Euromaidan


Dear President Kvit, dear DSG Project Partners and dear Mohyla students,

when we started our joint DAAD-sponsored cooperation with the Mohyla Academy and its Department of Political Science in 2006, not long after the so called "Orange Revolution", it was with these events in mind that we thought it would be high time to support the education of a young and open-minded generation eventually helping to build a sustained democracy in Ukraine, which is dedicated to pursue a Europeanization of the country.


Therefore we have noticed with great enthusiasm, admiration, but also with some apprehension, that students and staff of the Academy have been instrumental in the political events of the recent months and especially during the build-up of the peaceful "Euromaidan" movement. We know that many of you are currently on the streets, peacefully demonstrating for the open and free country you all deserve.


As your long-term project partners, academic colleagues and friends we want to express our strong support for the pro-democratic and pro-European movement in Ukraine. We are open for your requests in case you need any practical help or symbolic support. At the same time, we urge you to continue with your protests in a peaceful manner, which we consider the best way to achieve your legitimate objectives and avoid personal risks.

Yours faithfully,

Prof. Dr. Rafael Biermann

Dr. André Härtel

Felix Schimansky-Geier


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